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Gert Town Louisiana Contamination: Radium-226
Hi HHD, from your links.

They always say the radiation isn't harmful, even as they try to move it somewhere else.  

Quote:“This matter -- apparently -- was supposed to have been settled in 1996. There was a $52 million (remediation) payout. Was it settled or are these properties deranged to the effect that people shouldn’t be living here?” he asked.

So someone walked away with $52 million and the radiation hazard was still there.  

Quote:At one time, that area was a Superfund site.  A complete cleanup was ordered, that is, all the contaminated soil was supposed to have been removed, but it appears now, not all of it is gone, the lawsuit states.

What was left could have leached deeper into the ground, or mixed into run-off, according to the lawsuit.

It was cleaned up just good enough for government work.  There's so little oversight, the government contractors laugh all the way to the bank.  People find out they're not getting what they paid for a little too late and it just might not be as safe as they're led to believe.
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