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No One Died, 60 Minutes!
The unsustainable legacy of the Nuclear Age 

The enduring legacy of the Nuclear Age is incompatible with the terrestrial
(and human) environment

"I have little doubt that the Nuclear Age has been an extreme breakthrough
in the development of processes and products which are absolutely incompatible with the Earth
environment, often really extraneous to it.
My argument has a basic physical reason, namely the enormous energy gap between nuclear and
chemical processes, which is of the order of a million times. As a consequence, the Nuclear Age has
produced artificial processes and products that Nature on the Earth is, and never will, absolutely be
able to get rid of. The Atomic Age has created problems that have no solution, and will all the more
worsen as – civil and military – nuclear technology shall be developed. Not to mention that nuclear
weapons imply the ongoing impending threat of destruction of the human society"

Angelo Baracca
Retired Professor of Physics
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout

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