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29 Times Increase In Adult Thyroid Cancer

7th October 2018 - (Google Translate) Amazing! The number of patients in Minamisoma municipal general hospital is announced 29 times as much as before adverse thyroid and, leukemia rising by 10 times.


Mr. Hirokazu Oyama of Minami Soma City Council recently received data on the transition of the number of patients by disease name from Minami Soma City General Hospital (the main injury / illness name was extracted from the medical accounting system). Comparing the 2010 FY2010 accident before the accident, the adult thyroid cancer is 29 times, the leukemia is 10.8 times, the lung cancer is 4.2 times, the childhood cancer is 4 times, the pneumonia is 3.98 times, the myocardial infarction is 3.97 times, liver cancer 3.92 times, colon cancer 2.99 times, stomach cancer 2.27 times, stroke 3.52 times.

Japanese Version


English Version



In March 2013 I was sent this resin encapsulated sample of a black fungus like material, to test. A contact in Japan had sent a friend this sample. The test chart below shows it was very hot. It had reportedly been collected from somewhere in the Minamisoma area of Japan.

This fungus started growing on the concrete and rock surfaces in Japan, after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. The test results indicted the fungus was bio-accumulating Cesium. I didn't know the weight of this very small sample, and had posted the test results, for discussion on an internet forum.

This comment from a weight expert.

"I'm an expert on weighing objects (sell scales, use different ones daily, some precise to .01g). Fungus in that form does not appear to hold too much water weight and would likely weigh less than a gram given the scale. If it is thin and flakey type fungus, it may be under .25-.5g. Is it thick like a mushroom cap or more like lichen? I've only observed extremely thin fungi growing on concrete, and I would err on the very low side. My best guess is .3g."

My reply

"That means the black fungus sample from Japan is very, very, hot.

Test results 117 Bq Cs-137 and 58 Bq Cs-134

117 + 58 = 175 Bq x (1000 grams/0.3 grams) = 583,333 Bq/Kg of Cesium

Even if it was 10 times greater in weight 3 grams, it would still be 58,333 Bq/Kg of Cesium."

Test Chart:

[Image: Minamisoma-Cesium-290313-TV45-23c-25040-MB.jpg]
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