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Hiroshima, jawbone had absorbed 9.46 grays of radiation!!!
A single jawbone has revealed how much radiation Hiroshima bomb victims absorbed - 3rd May 2018


Whole-body radiation with about 5 grays - nearly half of the amount calculated from the jawbone - is enough to kill a person, Oswaldo Baffa, one of the researchers and a professor at the University of Sao Paulo, told The Washington Post.

Using a technique called electron spin resonance, the researchers measured that the jawbone had absorbed 9.46 grays of radiation from the Hiroshima attack. (A gray or Gy is a unit used to measure the amount of radiation absorbed by an object or a person.

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Hiroshima, jawbone had absorbed 9.46 grays of radiation!!! - vital1 - 05-02-2018, 08:46 PM

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