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Free Guides and Resources For Everyone
You are welcome to pass any of the information below onto friends and relatives.

After the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe, a large number of people where frantically trying to find information on,

  1. How to quickly find radiation monitoring sites so that they could track the radiation fallout.
  2. What Geiger Counter to buy.
  3. The basics of how to use a Geiger Counter.
  4. How to test their food for radiation contamination.
The free guides and resource provided below were created to provide basic information on these subjects. The information will be very helpful if and when another major nuclear event occurs. These guides and resources can help you quickly get up to speed on the basics. With the World becoming more unstable by the day, it would be wise to have some knowledge on the subject, and preparations in place.

Free Geiger Counter Use Guide   (Fixed this broken link, all working again)

List of International Radiation Monitoring Stations

Free DIY Food Testing Guide

A lie is being perpetrated on the Internet that no significant radiation related fatalities have resulted from the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe. Anyone using any semblance of logic will know that this is fantasy! The evidence is overwhelming and clear, that large numbers of people have died, and more will die in the future as a result of this ongoing nuclear catastrophe!

Please use the reports on this page to counter the lie, and educate people. Everyone is welcome to copy and use any of the information on this page.


Microwave radiation (WiFi) was classed as a 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2011. A lot of independent scientists felt it should have been classed as a 2A carcinogen. Here is a free WiFi Safety Guide, page 2 has practical suggestions on how to limit your family's exposure to WiFi radiation.


Personal Development  Free Books

Stress Management, learn how to conserve your life energy.


Power Positive Thinking, learn how to efficiently focus your life energy.


Coronavirus COVID-19, First Line of defense!


Another great free resource.

Nukepro's Shelter-in-Place in a Radiation Emergency, or just any old Run of the Mill emergency. (updated 3rd August 2017)


Items provided here are a free community resource, hope you find them helpful. Smile
CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

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