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stock here, will try to be more active at caferadlab
Pia, would be awesome to have a "news section" where we can drop topical things like the West Lake landfill news

"Storm water collected just outside the West Lake Landfill tests positive for a form of radiation. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that samples collected during heavy rain in April show higher levels of alpha particles than are allowed for drinking water. EPA officials and the landfill owners say the findings do not mean there is a public health risk. There's no evidence to link the storm water runoff to the landfill since low levels of radioactivity can occur naturally."


I sent an email to the CFO for the West lake Landfill Operator as shown
please do similar
Sir, as a specialist in material science and well versed in radiation and heavy metals, I was appalled that the storm water runoff near your West lake landfill that tested high in Alpha radiation (the most dangerous if ingested) were higher than allowable limits for drinking water.
But I was even more appalled that your company choose to play the “you can’t prove it” is from the landfill card, and then played the “radiation is naturally occurring” card. This is a serious matter and needs to be addressed head on. If you folks need more gov funding or whatever, you should have a strong program in place to make it happen.
I was also not happy that your company choose to deflect responsibility by noting—
Russ Knocke, the company's vice president of communications and public affairs, in a statement. "We don't see anything of concern in these results, nor did DNR express any concern when it posted them."
I take particular umbrage with the qualifying language chosen “when it posted them”. So if DNR expressed concern, but just not “when it posted them” then technically you would not by lying. I call those weasel words
I will be instructing Morgan Stanley to begin selling off lots of my holdings in your company. I vote with my feet.

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stock here, will try to be more active at caferadlab - stock - 07-12-2017, 03:05 PM

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