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Iran - Parchin
(09-22-2015, 10:06 PM)Horse Wrote: 14:30 Just watching Dr Ernest Moniz, Sec. Energy, on the Tonight Show, say how hard it is to cleanup nuclear particles.  He was speaking about how we will know what Iran may be trying to hide.  
"All models are flawed, some are useful."
George E. P. Box
Re: the Parchin samples -- From what I've read these are samples that have been collected by the site operators and then given to the IAEA? (Source - http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-34315492) If so, then they (the samples) will say (reveal) whatever the site operators want them to say. 

I say this because, if I wanted to - I could collect surface soil samples from Chernobyl, within 400 yards of the Unit 4 sarcophagus, and you wouldn't be able to identify them as having come from a contaminated site, let alone Chernobyl. This is because one of the first mitigation projects was to remove the topsoil and bring in new clean fill to lower worker doses in certain areas. That is not to say there is not contamination around the sarcophagus (of course there is), but it does mean that without knowing the exact quality control procedures and being able to identify necessary information like exactly where the samples were collected, how they were collected, and what the conditions of the materials were where the samples were collected, the data is meaningless. 

Scientific research is based around the premise that someone else should be able to come back to the exact point previously monitored, use the same methods, and repeat the experiment and get results that are within the same parameters as the original test. The point I am making is that a few random samples collected somewhere on or nearby the Parchin military site are relatively meaningless and useless scientifically for the most part.
"All models are flawed, some are useful."
George E. P. Box

The Iranian Secretary of the National Security Council says that Amano only visited the Parchin site and did not inspect it (which I had presumed anyway).  

Iran's Ambassador to the IAEA Reza Najafi said on Sept. 21 that the visit by Amano and his deputy was a general visit that was done as a formality, and said, "They did not have any equipment even a mobile phone and their visit (to Parchin) did not last for more than a few minutes."

Amazing how anyone familiar with the process recognized Amano's visit was just a formality, but in the US the public is being sold a bill of goods about how an "inspection" was performed and "samples" were taken.
"All models are flawed, some are useful."
George E. P. Box

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