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WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-01-2019

Post webcam observations for December here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

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RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-01-2019


12-01 The cutter is still stuck on the top of vent tower 1.

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-01-2019

12-01  An unusual object hoisted by the crane on cam1 at 4:00 pm.  Two shots of it rising and two when it came down.  It wasn't visible on cam4 that I could see.  Tepco might be testing a possible solution for the stuck cutter.  


RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - d kitty - 12-03-2019

According to macrocarpa, the vent stack cut has been completed.
Unclear if cut piece has been lowered.
Says next task is to get the cutting tool removed.
And they *did* send up a Japanese 'danger kitty' to get the job accomplished.

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-03-2019

I saw the cube hoisted up and moved next to the cutter yesterday. It was there for several hours. The cube went back down but the cutter is still sitting on the vent tower. I'll try to get some pics posted later today. If they finished the cut, I wonder what's stopping them from hoisting the cutter and the pipe section down? The Japanese danger kitty deserves a pay raise for going up there and making the cut.

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - d kitty - 12-03-2019

Tweet just said the cut was completed. Getting the cut section and the cutter down may be a major operation.
Not an enviable task...

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-03-2019

Quote:microcarpa‏ @microcarpa1  
microcarpa Retweeted 東京新聞 原発取材班

Dec.3,6pm, #Tepco's subcontractor successfully completes cutting the rest of 1.1 m  of north side of the main pipe of #Fukushima vent stack.
To cut another 20 cm of SE side to set the equip free.

Red arrow above is the spotter,below the cutter,at 110m-high?
Tons of thanks!



RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-03-2019

12-04 12:45  The cutter pulled away with the cut section on cam4.


RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Felibi - 12-06-2019


A sight to see. Well, tout est relatif. Posted that on twitter after posting other worrying stuff.
Meanwhile, in #Fukushima, after quite an ordeal, the vent tower (left background) is shorter than it used to be.
Hot Stuff there. #Tokyo2020 ... not so cool and rounded and said in a video promoting the event.
More like: hot, squared and radioactive. #hotspots

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-24-2019

12-11  The cutter shows up briefly on cam1 when its being raised and lowered.  Its only in view for 2-3 minutes.  Here it is being lowered.  


RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-24-2019

12-16  Cutter going in for another bite of the vent tower.  The Cam4 captures show the hour it takes for the cutter to move into place.  The Cam1 captures showed the tip of the cutter moving a bit like it was flexing its muscles for the job.   Not much to view, the ring of lights atop the tower, making the cut the rest of the night.  




RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Felibi - 12-27-2019

Thanks for the 2019 Christmas photos Horse. And a I watch, I stumble upon this blob.

2019 12 28
04 25
Occasional red flashes
1mm to 3mm on the screen
thing like a boat has diminished
3 mm to 1.5 now just one.
Flashes go on. Too bad I can’t get any screenshots of those flashes.
04 32
04 33 29 big flash
34 08 left leaning flashes to the left.
04 :36 vertical again.
Wowatching is weird I dare say.
Getting closer to R1 ? Nope. Thought it had drifted a bit.

It’s 05 :16 :JST
Flashes have been going on for . This is worth filming but I know Horse and others I hope.
They still are.
Do watch that whitish blob between R1 and R2. Seems to be floating. Boat blob.
Have a look at the flashes.

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Felibi - 12-27-2019

Sorry for the gibberish, Just notes. And I'm a lousy typist. So anyway, this thing between #R1 and #R2 is still flashing. It's 2019 12 05 36, it's still flashing.
At 04 34 08 flashes to the left. and this lasted several minutes but then they were vertical again.
And still are.
Many 1mm high flashes. Few bigger ones.
Forgot to say those flashes are orange or red

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Felibi - 12-27-2019


RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-27-2019

12-28  Hi Felibi, I saw lights between r1 & r2 earlier in the night.  I figured they were boat lights.  I've seen lights moving behind r1 and r2 fairly regularly that are probably boats.   Sometimes lights appear from activity on the dock.  I'll have to take a closer look when I change the recording over to a new file.  Thanks for posting those jst times so I know when to look. I notice a lot more boat activity lately.  I've been noting a bit more sparking on Cam1 since pieces of the vent tower are being removed.

Back on 12-22 05:14, I saw some worker activity at r3 on cam4.  SimplyInfo is reporting damaged lifting handles on a dozen spent fuel assemblies in the r3 pool.  

Fukushima Unit 3 Spent Fuel Damage Identified

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Felibi - 12-27-2019

Indeed, some boat or floating device. The flashes seemed very high for dock activity.
Thanks for your quick answer. When you look, from 4:23, I guess that's around when I saw two 3mm on screen vertical flashes. I was riveted.

Dismantling of #FukushimaDaiichi delayed.
Optimistic outcome, Fuk. dismantled in 40 years.
#NuclearVillage as efficient as ...NEVER
via @franceinfo

Take good care Horse and all.
Smiling love to you all for 2020.

RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-28-2019

12-28 Looks to be the boat lights, I see a steady white light with a red light flashing on top of it.  I found some sparks showing with the boat lights.  I skipped thru the day watching that area, when the sun was blocked it was barely visible.  It drifted off and back into view.  Grabbed a zoom in pretty good light.  Outline looks like the cruiser.  


RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-30-2019

12-17  I caught this going in front of r1.  Not in view long.  Seemed very heavy and they moved it slowly so it wouldn't swing.  I thought it looked somewhat like the vacuum.  


RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-30-2019

12-17  Cutter comes off. That's a spark above r2 in the cam1 view.


RE: WEBCAM December 2019 - Horse - 12-30-2019

12-18  Cutter goes back up but doesn't stay up there very long.