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The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year - vital1 - 03-07-2018

After Fukushima I kept a close eye on the latest worldwide flu statistics using a publicly available service, Google Flu Trends. My reasoning was people's immune systems would become weakened by exposure to the the huge Fukushima radiation releases, particularly those people living in the Northern hemisphere.

If that was the case, then it would likely show up in the flu stats.

Google Flu Trends was an excellent resource to keep track of this. In the early stages of observation a trend started to appear. Flu epidemics where increasing in severity. Then Google stopped updating the stats. Getting hold of the most recent worldwide flu statistics then became very difficult.

Recently Zerohedge published a short article "The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year" and it had an excellent info graphic (see chart below).

What does it show?

A dramatic year on year increase in the number of flu hospitalizations in the USA since 2011!

19th February 2018 - The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year


It took 25 weeks for the hospitalization rate to reach that point during the deadly 2014-2015 season. During a mild year, an average of 12,000 Americans die due to the flu and judging by the current trend, 2017-18 is on course to surpass 2014-15 in lethality. More than 80 percent of flu deaths usually occur among the elderly and people with underlying health problems.

This year, seemingly healthy individuals are being infected and hospitalized at higher rates than the historical average. The CDC has reported that 63 children have already died during the current season.

Info graphic:

[Image: chartoftheday_12902_the_flu_is_ravaging_...year_n.jpg]


RE: The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year - Horse - 03-08-2018

(03-08-2018, 10:13 AM)piajensen Wrote: Wondering if the CDC will be honest about the data when they finally get around to publishing it.
I agree that ionizing radiation that has been added to our environment from nuclear operations and accidents would be an added insult to our immune systems.  Just read an article that male infertility has been dramatically increasing in the last decade.  Ionizing radiation is never mentioned or considered as one of the many environmental stressors affecting our health.  The CDC has been pushing for more vaccines even when proved ineffective and dangerous.  I suspect that the CDC has lumped most of the respiratory illnesses into 'the flu' to increase Pharma profits.  As an example, when the flu season started here and people started getting sick the culprit was said to be an Adenovirus or "killer cold" with the same symptoms as the flu but without the fever that comes with the Flu. That information was drowned out by a barrage of 'get your Flu vaccine' messages.  I don't think the CDC will be honest about the data when they publish.  One other factor that has received little consideration is how has ionizing radiation affected the microbial world?  Could ionizing radiation be favoring more virulent strains?  The questions will remain unanswered because government and industry maintains that ionizing radiation is 'safe' and the health impacts are covered up so they can have nuclear bomb materials.

RE: The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year - vital1 - 03-08-2018

I have had a number of people around me this year contracting a cold and flu in Summer. This is very unusual.

RE: The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year - Horse - 03-09-2018

The vaccinated do shed virus.  Engineered virus do exist but I don't see any proof that the flu bug is one of them.  Vaccines do contain toxic ingredients.  I have seen arguments that vaccines introduce virus into the blood, bypassing other body defenses, stimulating a serum response that is the only test required of vaccine efficacy.  Various toxic vectors should not preclude the ionizing radiation vector as a causative factor contributing to weakened immune systems.

It is not just mutation that ionizing radiation can cause but the concern that certain strains may not be as impacted by ionizing radiation as other strains.  Some species thrive in a radioactive environment where other species die off.  More studies are warranted.  I'm not a medical professional and have no ties to the industry.  As a layman, I don't see any proof that vaccines or ionizing radiation are safe.