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WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 12-31-2017

Post webcam observations for January here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

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RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-09-2018

1-08 After weeks of the same unchanging view; work visible on the tepcams.  The remote crane in front of r1 moved a tool over the reactor in the morning hours on cam1.  While I was scanning the recording trying to figure out what the tool was doing I found a daytime spark.  There was only the one light flash and I didn't see any equipment movement that might account for the flash.  The spark is in the lower right hand corner of r1.  On cam4, the large orange crane moved in front of cam4 blocking most of the view.  I included a grab of cam4 from the day before to show the construction on r3.  


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Felibi - 01-11-2018


"Calif, Ulli, Pia, all, let us watch and report when you can.
Horse is doing most of the job. I know how difficult it can be but let us all try.
Best wishes to you all, always."

Between hand and knee pain issues and computer track pad failings... I'm not able to do regular web cam observations. But, I appreciate the call for help.

RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Felibi - 01-11-2018

Cams are viewable again. Nothing hiding the view right now. 2018 1 12 04:01 JST
2500 days ... Seven years soon. Getting old PF, Post Fuk.

RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - piajensen - 01-11-2018

(01-11-2018, 01:24 PM)Felibi Wrote: Glad to have found the January page which doesn't appear  at the bottom of the December page yet.

Each new month will be in it's own new thread in the Webcam Watcher section as announced by Horse at the beginning of each new month. Thank you for your contributions!

RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Felibi - 01-12-2018

Blinking light, white, bottom of background tower, just about the csfp on Cam 4 just right now.

2018-01-13 05:14 JST
2500 days today. Post-Fuk.
Keeps going, just right now. Have a look.
Let's us ....

RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-12-2018

Hi Felibi, that blinking light is rather annoying.  It makes it harder for me to notice a blinking spark.  I think it must be something moving in the wind reflecting the bright site lights because there is no pattern to the blinking.  The blinking light fakes me out but it caused me to look thru the recording for suspected sparks and I did find a c4 spark.  Since they got back to work I've watched various tools in and around r1 on cam1.  There's a moon transit on cam1 right now, jst 1-13 05:40.  I noticed yesterday on cam4 they moved the framework in between the completed rings and the new ring on r3.  Here's that c4 spark in the center near the bottom of the screen.  It also shows the light that you mentioned on the tower.  


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-13-2018

01-12 watched some workers on r2 again and some spraying or steaming in r1.


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-13-2018

01-13  I went looking for a picture of the framework on r3 in good lighting and also found some workers on the roof with the large pipes.  


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-15-2018

01-14 Spark report.  Here's an hour long count.  

01-14 190118 spark.bmp
01-14 190439 spark.bmp
01-14 190534 spark.bmp
01-14 190610 spark pair.bmp
01-14 190954 spark.bmp
01-14 191305 spark faint.bmp
01-14 191907 spark.bmp
01-14 192150 spark double.bmp
01-14 192439 spark.bmp
01-14 192501 spark.bmp
01-14 193009 spark.bmp
01-14 193300 spark.bmp
01-14 193756 spark.bmp
01-14 194116 spark.bmp
01-14 194842 d.bmp
01-14 194843 d end.bmp
01-14 194910 spark.bmp
01-14 194923 c4 spark.bmp
01-14 195047 spark.bmp
01-14 195319 d.bmp
01-14 195322 d end.bmp
01-14 195920 d.bmp
01-14 195922 d end.bmp
01-14 195937 spark.bmp

17 c1 sparks
3 distortions
1 c4 spark

Felibi, that little light is mostly on steady now, caught it flickering on occasion.  Check out the big light beside it on the cam4 spark picture.  Watched at dawn, the lights went out with the site lights.  


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-15-2018

1-15 Watching tonight, the work light next to the back vent tower on cam4 isn't on tonight.  I think they needed it on last night to make a space for the r3 framework that two cranes pulled out of the construction on r3 today.  


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-16-2018

01-15 noted a strange flash of light on r1 and had time to look for it.  Here's an hour long spark count and some lightning.  

01-15 190241 spark.bmp
01-15 190730 spark.bmp
01-15 191214 lightning.bmp
01-15 191446 lightning.bmp
01-15 192507 spark.bmp
01-15 193534 d.bmp
01-15 193537 d end.bmp
01-15 193824 spark.bmp
01-15 193836 d.bmp
01-15 193836 d end.bmp
01-15 194307 spark.bmp
01-15 194327 spark.bmp
01-15 194529 spark.bmp
01-15 194821 spark.bmp
01-15 195113 spark.bmp
01-15 195317 spark 1f.bmp
01-15 195526 spark.bmp
01-15 195546 spark.bmp
01-15 195943 spark.bmp

one hour count cam1
13 sparks and 2 distortions


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-17-2018

01-17 19:00 – 19:45   Watched it raining on both tepcams.  Webs on cam4; cam1 has regular drips going down the middle of the view.  There’s a new work light just outside the opening of the completed rings on r3.  I noticed it was on last night; it was visible all day in the grey drizzling rain; still on tonight, visible on both tepcams.

RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-23-2018

01-19 Noted and found a cam4 spark.

01-21 More lightning, lots more.  Had noted a few flashes but found plenty in a half hour with nine sparks and two distortions.  

01-21 180922 d end.bmp
01-21 180922 d.bmp
01-21 180953 d.bmp
01-21 180955 d end.bmp
01-21 181128 spark.bmp
01-21 181623 spark.bmp
01-21 181758 lightning.bmp
01-21 181904 spark 1f.bmp
01-21 182027 lightning.bmp
01-21 182128 spark 3f.bmp
01-21 182405 lightning.bmp
01-21 182652 lightning.bmp
01-21 182843 lightning.bmp
01-21 182858 spark.bmp
01-21 182904 spark.bmp
01-21 183016 lightning.bmp
01-21 183120 lightning.bmp
01-21 183338 lightning.bmp
01-21 183448 spark.bmp
01-21 183509 lightning.bmp
01-21 183524 spark.bmp
01-21 183614 lightning.bmp
01-21 184209 spark.bmp
01-21 184235 lightning 1.bmp
01-21 184235 lightning 2.bmp


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-25-2018

01-25 am Watched a white frame with a blue tarp on top come out from the completed rings.  I think that's the new fuel handling crane.  Saw many workers scurrying back and forth across the top of r3 during the operation.  


RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-29-2018

01-29 Saw some crane action over r2 and r1 in the morning on cam1.  Watched it snowing on both tepcams from 13:00 to 14:00.  Snow on the lens in the early evening caused a nice big web on cam4 but it melted off.  Noting some sparking on cam1.

RE: WEBCAM January 2018 - Horse - 01-31-2018

01-29 Noted regular sparking on cam1.  I glance at the recording monitors every once in a while and noticed the defueling crane with the blue tarp on r3 was gone.  Had to search thru recordings to find out what happened and stumbled onto a cam4 spark.  Wonder why they pulled the defueling crane out for a week?  Saw workers moving back and forth, watching the progress as they moved it.  Here’s pics of it going back into the completed rings the morning of 01-30.