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Alert?? – The Macedonian Bitola monitoring station - vital1 - 12-29-2017

Alert – The Macedonian Bitola monitoring station on the European EURDEP monitoring system has been showing significant spikes in radiation since the around the 13th December 2017. The spikes have been ongoing for 16 days now.

Today one of these radiation spikes has reached 200000 nSv/hr!

No other EURDEP monitoring stations around it are showing any increases.

Is it a localized event?

Is it a malfunctioning station?

EURDEP European Radiological Data Exchange Platform.

I have also searched other monitoring systems listed on the "International Radiation Monitoring Stations" and haven't found any station around it showing any significant increases. Something to keep and eye on. If anyone discovers anything relevant to this detection let us know.


I did find another radiation monitoring station showing elevated background levels on EURDEP, in Macedonia. The EURDEP Negotino monitoring station to the East of the Bitola station shows an elevated background spike, from the 13th to the 17th December 2017.

It peaked at around 700 nSv/hr on the 15th December.