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Full Version: Chernobyl radiation spikes as exclusion zone burns
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Chernobyl radiation levels spike dramatically as forest fires burn in exclusion zone

A little extra sprinkle of radiation while you're stuck at home wondering what to do. Lets hope the folks in the Ukraine can safely manage this wild fire. 

Stay safe all!
10th April 2020 - Chernobyl fires: Radiation fears as firefighters struggle to contain blazes in radioactive zone


A senior environmental official, Egor Firsov, said at the weekend that radiation in the area was detected at 16 times higher than normal background levels.

A 27-year-old resident of a settlement near the exclusion zone is under investigation on suspicion of having started at least one of the local fires.


Fires in the Chernobyl nuclear plant fallout contamination zones are always of concern, because they often release large amounts of radioactive fallout contamination back into the atmosphere.

These recurring fire events place the firefighters and local communities at risk of being exposed to significant radiation exposure.
Ukraine: Chernobyl forest fires now burning dangerously close to Nuclear Reactor
Naimh Shackleton
Mon, 13 Apr 2020 00:00 UTC

Quote:Fires in Chernobyl have been ravaging parts of the exclusion zone for over a week, and now there are concerns the blaze is heading dangerously close to its nuclear reactor.

The news comes just a week after Ukrainian officials discovered a huge radiation spike in the area where the first fires began.

As the fires continue to spread, there are growing concerns that if it goes too close to the reactor, which exploded back in 1986, there could be radiation contamination.

There is radioactive contamination in the area that the smoke from the fire will spread further afield.  The news always downplays any radiation risk.  I haven't heard any news from Lucas, I can only hope he stays away from the smoke and fire and stays safe.