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Full Version: Dogs of Chernobyl
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Here's a recent podcast where Lucas Hixson in Chernobyl is being interviewed about his work helping man's best friend.  

Talking Animals Radio Show, July 3, 2019, Dogs of Chernobyl
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October 21, 2019

LEASH OF LIFE Former radiation researcher sacrifices career to care for the lost dogs of Chernobyl

Over at one of the canteens, mum-of-three Natalia Melnichyk, 39, serves lunch to dozens of workers who travel into the zone daily as part of Chernobyl’s ongoing decommissioning process.

In her spare time, she feeds the dogs that live nearby and also volunteers for Lucas’s Clean Futures Fund charity, which helps pooches further afield.

Natalia was six and living in the city of Pripyat, a few miles from the power plant, when the disaster happened.

She was hospitalised with severe radiation sickness and four classmates later died of cancer.

Natalia says: “This area has seen terrible things. It is good to now focus on the nice things. I do all I can to help the dogs of Chernobyl.

“Everybody here is so grateful that Lucas started his work to care for them.”

Lucas, from Michigan, US, previously ran his own research company focusing on environmental contamination, and had studied Chernobyl for six years before his first visit in 2014.

But within moments of arriving he was struck not by the historic surroundings but by the number of dogs.

He says: “I had researched Chernobyl for years but had never heard of the dogs.It became clear that no one was caring for them.”

During his early time there, Lucas heard of a worker diagnosed with thyroid cancer who could not afford surgery so he and his colleagues chipped in and paid for the op.

He says: “That was the start of something bigger. We realised there were a lot of people who needed help but weren’t getting it.

So myself and a colleague, Erik Kambarian, set up something more permanent to help.”
This is an old story, first time I saw was at e n e, poster Nick laid it on us. I think it describes what people like Lucas are doing.. God's work. It helps the helpers as well...