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Full Version: WEBCAM March 2016
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(03-22-2016, 09:16 PM)Horse Wrote: [ -> ]3-23 am 10:09  Cam4 people walking on the roof of building on the left in front of the big girders, 3 with white suits on.  Still there gesturing at 10:15.  Noticed it when changing files on the recorders, should see it on timelapse.

Arrow  I noticed, in the first video, at least a half dozen workers scrambling at the base and all over the side wall of the CSFP for a long time.  They did seem to be going in and out, maybe swapping workers.  Must be something important they are working on to stay outside for that long.   (At .11 seconds in on the first video or 9:12 jst on the clock.)
More dudes on top of CSFP right now! about 10 of 'em...

More guys on top of the CSFP right now...
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