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Full Version: ENE-News
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again, ENE is having problems ...
just a reminder there is an alt. forum with the hounds in case it is needed ---
EneNews... very flaky today .  

No new articles in 2 months.   I don't even get an err 404.   

Maybe they're fixing it?

Sad Cry
No matter how many times I click on the ENEnews webcam forum in a day, the 'Today's most viewed' always shows more people clicking on that old Windows 7 volume post. It might seem just another minor glitch but it makes it look like the webcam forum doesn't get many clicks anymore. Without a more responsive admin, ENEnews is in a coma. The past body of work is there to link to but nothing new to see.

Say It Ain't So Joe
Finally got ENEnews webcam forum to show up in 'Today's most viewed' so I guess people just aren't as interested in the tepcams or maybe ENEnews admin saw this and fixed it.  Still no new aggregated news article posted by admin.  Here's a shout out, post another article soon.
11-15 I couldn't get ENEnews to resolve all night long. "This page can't be displayed". Hope it's just another overnight thing and it'll work for you all in the morning.