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Full Version: MVB - fallout patterns in EURDEP data 2019
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MVB is starting out the year noticing fallout patterns in EURDEP data.  which starts with, “January 30 – TOKYO — A Japanese state-run nuclear fuel laboratory near Tokyo said Wednesday it detected a radiation leak in its plutonium handling facility, but no workers were exposed.“

No way to confirm it, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a diversion story is launched when actual fallout is blowing around outside.  This post will be mostly data again:

New Apparent Radioactive Fallout Pattern Appears Global (EURDEP & other DATA accessed Jan. 28- Feb. 1, 2019)
Feb. 17, 2019
Going by what happened last year, the radioactive pollution bursts appear to be growing.  If the precise times of the onset of the burst could be determined, it would be interesting to see if the time in-between is shortening as well.