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Full Version: WEBCAM February 2019
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Post webcam observations for February here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

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02-01  I watched another one of these big thingies being lowered into r1.  Looked much like the one last month.  

02-01  Mystery flights over Daiichi.  Caught two of them in the evening.  Not sure if these are drones or some other aircraft.  They were straight line flights.  I didn't see any hover or circling around the reactors.  Flights over the plant are controlled but these look like they could have been just north of the plant.  I haven't seen regular commercial flights along that flight path or any flights until here lately, so maybe some military operations.  


02-02  Prettiest little crescent moon transit at dawn on cam1.  The next day got real windy and shook cam4 loose.  Felibi, you should see how much the view of cam4 has dropped now.  There’s stuff at the bottom we haven’t seen before.  02-04 18:44 In cam4, I saw more workers on r3.  

Looking at Webcam 4 after a week without any connection and when it was back, the Benalla affair and a terrible law against freedom in France (while Macron parades for hours in a debate where questions are filtered) had all my attention
Great feedback. Prettiest little crescent moon indeed.
As for webcam4, it must have been fastened again. Everything seems as usual. Radioactively usual, cela va sans dire.

It's a grey morning in Fuk. Must be windy. Some jolts and pendulum like slow swing in the background in the #R1 webcam area. Best thoughts and love to all workers and watchers.
02-07 Evening work on r3.

The 4 minute video starts with the work light sweeping in an arc from the left to the right and settles into one area.  The 3 bright colored lights on the red walkway seem to be similar to r4's work light on the extension.  The red walkway seemed to be hollowed sections dropped into place to span that part of r3.  It sits in front of the round roof, there is a workspace between the two.  I think that's where the light is.  Watching the shadows block the work light was the action.  There's a couple times a white shining worker appears briefly.  I'm guessing that the action is some work getting ready or moving some of that r3 spent pool fuel.  It was something new and quite a light show.  I've been watching when the 3 lights of the red walkway come on and logging some of that.  Tepco has delayed the schedule for the fuel removal and just might be getting around to it.
02-19  The r3 lights were on again tonight.  I noticed more cam1 sparking and I think I have a cam4 spark.  

11:44 cam4 crane lifted a flat black panel thru the view.
11:52 another panel, saw a third a bit later.

19:08 cam1 spark, r3 lights are on since dusk.
19:12 spark 2X
19:13 cam4 spark
19:39 cam1 spark
19:43 Workers go from left to right and enter the red walkway
19:44 r3 red walkway lights go out.
19:45 workers go from the red walkway and go left, disappearing behind the vent tower.

Only notes from glancing up once in a while as I catch up on things.  If I find time I'll look for that cam4 spark in the recordings.  I've noticed increased sparking before at times when the r3 lights are on. Probably find a few more sparks if I go looking, just happens to be enough sparking to catch my attention.

20:09 light reflects off lens on cam4 like when they move stuff below the camera. Purplish light arcs across the top of the view. The r3 lights are back on. Some condensation, a big blob in the middle of the view, that was on cam1 for an hour is gone.
20:21 c1 spark
20:58 c1 spark
21:00 c1 spark 2x
21:02 c4 purple light
21:30 r3 light are off
Hi Horse and fellow webcam watchers! I concur Horse that it seems activity is ratcheting up a bit. Has there ever been six large remote controlled cranes in view on cam4 I wonder...  Also there has been more action that I've seen on the inside of no-go zone at Futubagun intersection. One day recently, as saw a troop of 3 or 4 vans that came down from plant direction. Maybe surveying radiation levels?
RogueRR, thanks for posting the snapshots.  I have watched so many different loads being hauled around on cam1.  It goes on most work mornings.  I can't say whether they're building something or hauling stuff away.  I noticed the extra cranes too.  It looked for a few days that all the cranes were moved to the north end and one crane left in the south end was dropped like they do for storms or maintenance.  That was back a few days.  Work on r3 goes on more frequently.  I've posted some of the night shift action on r3.  Pia, thanks for posting Jendo1966 on the exhaust stacks, I've been calling them vent stacks.  The stack for 1 & 2 can be seen on both tepcams so that will put on a show.  It was always a worry after they were found damaged/weakened that they might fall and cause more problems.  That thing is big and it will probably take quite the effort to get it safely out of there.  Maybe they're making a workspace, here's some of the crane action in that area.  

(02-20-2019, 08:01 AM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]Jendo1966 in twitter suggested that the actvity and cranes could be in preperation for work on the stacks and I found this: 12 Feb 2019: Dismantling of Exhaust Stack at Fukushima Daiichi-1 and -2 to Start in May

Wow! That's some good info Pia.  I have to say you guys are pretty good data miners...  Thx! Wink
02-19  Spark report

02-19 190112 spark.bmp
02-19 190930 spark.bmp
02-19 191157 spark.bmp
02-19 191206 spark.bmp
02-19 191307 c4 spark.bmp
02-19 191445 spark.bmp
02-19 191623 spark.bmp
02-19 191735 spark.bmp
02-19 192735 spark.bmp
02-19 192818 spark.bmp
02-19 193442 spark.bmp
02-19 194348 spark.bmp
02-19 194718 spark.bmp
02-19 194736 spark.bmp
02-19 195537 spark.bmp
02-19 195940 spark.bmp

15 on cam1 and 1 on cam4

I grabbed some snaps of the worker, the first is when he opened the door to the red walkway and the other after the lights went out, walking back to the end of the r3 roof structure.  The cam1 spark pic shows some of the condensation on the lens.  Close in time to the cam1 spark; the cam4 spark doesn't show any condensation on the lens.  Must be more of that localized weather at Fuku.  

Hi watchers. it's 2019-02-27 02:15 JST
When I come home, it's night in Fuk. and I don't expect to see much.
Today was different though. And scary as hell.
Minutes ago, it was quite active on R3 in the area between tower and red vertical crane.
There was much moving, of lights and of what looked like workers to me.

There were red shadows behind the round tunnel above R3. Thought there could be fire there but
I know I'm paranoid Fuk.wise.

There's still seems to be some movement ,in the black pyramidal looking patch 3rd "storey" of the tower stack(?!)

I'm posting a close up of a screenshot I managed to grab around 01:45 JST

Take good care all

02-24 I saw a drone and more work at r3.  The work at r3 goes on the last three nights, usually starts in earnest after 8pm jst.  Pia, they may be preparing for the 1-2 exhaust tower to be removed but that is noted as crane activity seen on cam1.  What Felibi is pointing out on cam4 is some of the r3 spent fuel removal work going on.  Great job, Felibi, was wondering if you'd seen any of the strange lights the last few nights.  I think the red shadows are a work light, not a fire.  I see it sweep around, last night it shone into the camera and had the rainbow light above it.  More lights were on in the red walkway structure tonight.  I saw the two lights below that are in your pics, not sure what they are but they stayed on after all the other lights went out around midnight.  Good grabs, I can see one of the workers by the 3-4 exhaust tower going in or coming out of the roof entrance.
02-24  Pictures of work on r3.  I put in a daytime picture to compare with the night shots.  I've looked for work going on in the day but I haven't seen any yet, just the nighttime activity.  


A drone flies by to check out the r3 activity.  Notice the spot light shining on the r3 roof.


02-25  R3 work lights at night.

02-25 201605 r3 wrk.jpg
02-25 202012 r3 wrk.jpg

Drone or some aircraft flies by.

02-25 202228 drone.bmp
02-25 202243 drone.bmp
02-25 202255 drone.bmp
02-25 drone combo.JPG

02-25 231846 r3 wrk.jpg
02-25 232714 r3 wrk.jpg
02-25 232728 r3 wrk.jpg
02-25 233720 r3 wrk.jpg