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Full Version: Japanese Population Decline, Largest Ever Recorded
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Japan Suffered Biggest Natural Population Decline On Record In 2018
The Japanese birthrate decline graph created by Chris Busby (Link Below), is an excellent educational tool to get the facts across to people about the real reason for the large Japanese population decline. The Japanese graph shows a much faster birthrate decline after 2011.

The After Fukushima and Japan’s Declining Birthrate, Japan’s Demographics a National Crisis


From Chris Busby:

Japan’s birth rate was declining but gradually, as was the Belarus birthrate. The rate at which it was declining was low. Then after Fukushima it fell of the cliff.

I made this graph from Japan vital statistics data on the web.In 2005 it was 8.32. So there is a sharp fall in the rate after Fukushima. Same thing happened in Belarus after Chernobyl. Look at the Bandashevsky’s after Chernobyl birth rate graph.

It was expected What I am saying is that the fall in birthrate in Japan is a Fukushima effect in the same way as the fall in birthrate in Belrus was a Chernobyl effect.


[Image: chernobyl-fukushima-birthrates.jpg?w=559&h=658]

Monju fired up 1994 and shut down in 1995.


"Monju first reached criticality in 1994, before being shut in 1995 due to a sodium leak causing a fire. This was the first in a series of accidents which has kept the reactor closed for most of its life, including the discovery in 2012 that JAEA hadn’t adhered to safety regulations, failing to check up to 10,000 parts."

Decline began around same time.