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Full Version: US nuclear Waste
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Environmentalists Concerned Over Trump’s Nuclear Waste Plan

In an effort to dispose of radioactive waste more cheaply, the Trump administration is reclassifying some of it at a lower threat level.
Hearing planned on barrel ruptures at east Idaho nuclear site
Why isn't it obvious that there will never be a solution to nuclear waste, and how insane it is to keep making more?

Nuclear lab director says spent-fuel impasse harms mission

“…Idaho officials are blocking the spent nuclear fuel because the U.S. Department of Energy has missed deadlines required in a 1995 agreement to clean up nuclear waste at its 890-square-mile sprawling site west of the city of Idaho Falls. Penalties for missing the deadlines include fines and preventing spent fuel from entering the state…”.

US Panel to Hear Arguments in Nuclear Waste Storage Case

Environmentalists and nuclear watchdog groups are lining up against plans to build a $2.4 billion storage facility in southeastern New Mexico for spent nuclear fuel from commercial reactors around the United States.
US panel hears arguments in nuclear waste storage case