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"...there were a couple of sightings of workers last year.  Summer, [2015] I saw a couple workers dressed in white going back and forth at the bottom of the csfp girder framework on the left in the cam4 view.  Saw a few workers in white on the roof of the building with the big gray pipe in the foreground on the right in the cam4 view.  I don’t think the smaller cranes are remote controlled but I hope they have some shielding for those crane operators.  Good idea to track sightings of humans, you should start a topic, worker sightings.  We could add past sightings and any new ones and have a record in one place to reference. "
- Horse

In the past when I've noted sightings I try to observe the 'suit type' , usually white or dark.  I think the dark ones are the heavy lead suits.

I try to note the number of workers and the amount of TIME spent outside. (exposed)
Weather conditions and time of course.

Here's probably the most famous human at Fuku observation.
Aug 28th, 2011  Never Forget!  Pointing Fukushima Man
Going backwards on the enenews site, webcam forum, searching for 'suit',  this was the latest entry I could find.

Comment and screenshots by LastChants Teri  2015/04/28
(more photos at link)

[Image: 11_53jst_One_man_on_roof.jpg]
2014 sightings

Quote:Last year workers were often seen on the site.  Workers have only been seen on the cameras and documented twice this year.  They are only in camera view for a few minutes.  
Quote:pure water
February 11, 2014 at 2:49 am
You can see people on this record:
Focus down left after 1:55.
July 27, 2014 at 9:52 pm  
7-28 10:42 jst Workers in white suits walking on top of the white building in front of r4. Spent 2 mins walking around and left.
You can see the workers in the long version:
Focus down right after 21:00.
3-23-2016 10:09 Cam4 people walking on the roof of building on the left in front of the big girders
2016-0404  9:50 jst  Worker(s)
(04-04-2016, 11:17 PM)Chasaha Wrote: [ -> ]Screenshot: 
2016-0404  9:50 jst  Worker(s)

Good Eye!
A lot of work has been done at the CSFP over the last few months.  

2016-07-19 09:51:51 jst
Screenshots and video link by Horse here.

Original observation comment here:


Original post here:


Workers now seem to be appearing more frequently.
(08-26-2016, 05:14 AM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]Is that the area of unit 2?

I think that the building with the grid work is closer to r4 than r2.  It is in the area of the csfp with the grid work part the only portion in camera view.  See also the workers moving back and forth on the wall in front of the r3 pit.
Quote:pure water
September 28, 2016 at 1:53 pm · Reply
Some pulsating fog:
And some humans in the camera scope later on:

Workers scurry around on the CSFP.


The night before fuku fogging comes from CSFP as increased sparks and distortions show up on both tepcams; cam1 and cam4.
Original observation here.

2016-11-16  9:15 jst
White suited running man on Unit 3
Saw men running fast on top of Unit 3.  This is a real time video. about 5:30 plus on the video.
(or  2016-11-29 7:54 jst clock)

Credit -->
Posted at Enenews by...
nuckelchen  November 28, 2016 at 6:07 pm 
todaylirium:poor workermens are still on the roof of reactor nr 3:

I really like the side by side video post.  Smile