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Full Version: never too late
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Hi everyone..

What a fine place! I'm a bit old school but harmless. See what happens. I hope to contribute to the dialogue of the most unfortunate demise of this incredible biological spinning sphere. How was never a question...just why? Yeah profit!

Clearly identifiable mysteries
Spotted lava like, icicle misery 
Submersible robot, radioactive chivalry 
Paper hearts, patting backs wizardry 
Half cocked, super stocked pleasantries 
Naked oceans, worldwide promotions, skewered dosimetry
Pools uptop, tanks by the lot, common indecency 
A daughter here, a daughter there, hold on all species 

It's what I do
Hi rthsmith! Glad you're here. Some are still limping in ; I just got here. Missed your poetry.
Welcome rthsmith. Glad to see you here.
Thanks for the warm welcome d Kitty, Horse and Pia! Nice to be here....still figuring it out. Code occasionally recommended this site on enenews and always had a good judge of things.
rthsmth, your prose fits in well here. Code came up with the picture in the title bar and has been a great contributor here. Sprinkle more of that prose around and we get more of the best that enenews had to offer.


Joe Guest testing a reply.  I can fill in any user name?  There's an image verification to prove I'm not a bot.  OK, great job you all.  Oh, username between 3 and 7 chars.  un-nuke
Thanks for checking it out.  Guests have a reply button that works only in this New User forum, other forums will still ask for a member login to allow replies.  Need a 3 to 7 character name, a captcha, and those brilliant pixels of light.   Anonymous comments welcome.