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Full Version: CT_Millstone_RFO_fail
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[ RFO failure ]
[ Millstone was shutdown on Nov 4 during restart from it's RFO. There was no EN posted. ]
[ The unit is now on it's 18th day down. Finally found out why. ]
[ Based on the info in this article and the length of time it's been down I suspect the RPV is open again. ]
[ I have updated the 2018_FALL_RFO_Schedule_and_Status page to reflect this info. ]

20181105 | CT_Millstone_2 | Millstone Unit 2 is shut down for repairs |

Published November 05. 2018 3:44PM | Updated November 05. 2018 11:13PM

Waterford — Millstone Power Station Unit 2 was taken out of service Sunday after staff identified that in-core detectors — devices placed in the reactor core to measure and map power levels — were not working properly, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Millstone said Monday.

Millstone recently completed [ actually an RFO is not considered completed until the unit reaches 100 % power ] a refueling and maintenance outage, during which all of the plant's [ reactor's ] in-core detectors were replaced, according to NRC spokesman [ spokesweasel ]  Neil Sheehan. The detectors are miniature fission chambers that provide continuous information in the reactor core, Sheehan said.

Sheehan noted the reactor "was at about 20-percent power and coming out of the outage when it was determined the detectors were not operating properly and a shutdown was necessary yesterday afternoon."

Millstone spokesman [ spokesweasel ] Ken Holt said staff identified some of the detectors were not working properly during testing of the in-core instrumentation at Unit 2.

"There is an ongoing effort to resolve the issue," Holt said.

As of Monday at 2 p.m., Holt said the unit remained "in a safe, shutdown condition."

Sheehan said NRC resident inspectors assigned to Millstone will follow up on Dominion Energy's troubleshooting efforts and repairs, and will track plans to restart the unit.