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What the media reporting on the Thousand Oaks and Oak Park fire ( Woolsey Fire ) are being careful not to mention.  

According to this report it's moving toward Malibu.

Map Location

Michael Collins of EnviroReporter, based in California, posted this on the EnviroReporter web site.



Wind is blowing strong to the southwest carrying toxic smoke towards Ahmanson Ranch, the 101 Freeway, Liberty Canyon, Conejo Valley, Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu, potentially. This is a very dangerous event. All people who can smell the smoke from this fire should get themselves, their children, and pets inside and immediately close windows and use filtered air conditioning if possible. Masks should be worn and extreme care dealing with ash and embers. This is not a drill - ACT NOW


"Dr. Robert Dodge, President of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles, shares the community’s concerns. “We know what substances are on the site and how hazardous they are. We’re talking about incredibly dangerous radionuclides and toxic chemicals such a trichloroethylene, perchlorate, dioxins and heavy metals. These toxic materials are in SSFL’s soil and vegetation, and when it burns and becomes airborne in smoke and ash, there is real possibility of heightened exposure for area residents.”

Dodge said protective measures recommended during any fire, such as staying indoors and wearing protective face masks, are even more important given the risks associated with SSFL’s contamination. Community members are organizing a campaign on social media to demand that DTSC release a public statement revealing the potential risks of exposure to SSFL contamination related to the fire."
Hi, vital1. It occurred   to  me ,  a little late,  it would be useful  if anyone with a Geiger counter, living in the LA area monitored the smoke & reported the readings here.    Is there a thread for that?
    If there are urban or suburban areas with large build up of ash;  another  possible spot for elevated readings.

    I'm too far south, to be getting any smoke or ash...yet.  More days of wind to come,  but no sites near me with nuclear contamination . ..that I know of.  But nukers are creative, and they work in the dark, lol!
    I stashed my geiger in town, as a kind of pre-evacuation of my possessions  a few months back. Think I'll pick that sucker up tomorrow .
Look here under the USA country heading towards the bottom of the page, for local live Californian radiation monitoring Stations.

List of International Radiation Monitoring Stations.

Wind direction

Wind direction is an important factor in determining where the radiation will go. Under the "Helpful Tools and Services" item at the top of the page, you will find a link to the Nullschool 3D Earth wind map service.

This service allows you to see location wind direction at different heights. You can rotate the map by holding down your mouse on the map, and dragging. If you use your mouse scroll wheel you can zoom the map in and out.

If you click on the "Earth" item at the lower left corner of the Nullschool map page, a menu will pop up, that allows you to select the wind height. is another good service.
Thanks vital1.  I'll give it a whirl.  
Noticed 2 safecast monitors at UCLA are offline.    Figures.  The one location needed most right now..
Yep, Code, I've  read your comments on this topic. I understand  them in a general sense, but I'm not up to speed on the technical  side of interpreting readings. Tried to learn it a few years back, but with what Fuku rads have done  to my short term memory, it's  difficult. Even reading technical material in my own field, arboriculture, by the time I get to the end of a sentence or paragraph I've forgotten the beginning. Fortunately I had uploaded all my tree knowledge into my heart & hands.
    Anyway, a Geiger is all I've got. I realize all it can do is tell me when to scream like a little girl...& run.   Maybe...
#Oak Park Fire
    I live way south in Southern California. Didn't  catch any smoke from Oak Park Fire yesterday, but at first light this morning there was a light haze draping my riparian valley; almost looked like fog.
But it smelled like fire. Figured it was a small local fire, but nothing on the scanner or mountain top web cams.
  Now, 14 hours later, my most sensitive  instrument has determined it was smoke from Oak Park. That instrument is my body. Particularly my nose. Tastes chemical. Rocket fuel presumably. Sure there's
radionuclides in in the mix too. 'Normal' smoke wouldn't have me feeling as I do. God help those folks closer to the
Rocketdyne site who choked down so much smoke. The close neighborhoods already have elevated leukemia & childhood cancer rates. Now the whole county gets a dose. Millions of souls.
All the while, LA County officials bray the customary words : No immediate danger.    Lies!
   I'm sure I'll live through my 3rd dosing since 2011.
  Merely a glancing blow, it's only a flesh wound, lads.
Think I'll drink some pond scum (spirulina), & some dandelion tea.
Doctors dispute media claim that fire at Santa Susana Field Laboratory  (Rocketdyne) poses no radiation danger #WoolseyFire
                       via @DoomsdaysCW on twitter
In my opinion the toxic chemicals and radiation mixed in the smoke from this fire could create a serious toxic multiplier  hazard.

Research shows that a single toxin in the environment can be a hazard, and maybe an organism's natural biological defense system can deal with this effectively. If an organism has multiple toxins present, radiological and chemical, to deal with at the same time, you get a biological toxicity multiplying effect. The human or animal defense systems become weaker the more toxins they have to deal with.
Biologically, one toxin plus one toxin, does not equate double the toxicity effect. Studies show you can get a multiplying toxicity damaging effect 10 to 20 times greater.  The organism becomes overloaded dealing with too much toxic stress at once.

Unfortunately most people exposed to the smoke in this area are not aware of the significance of this toxic multiply effect, and are probably not taking appropriate precautions.

EnviroReporter has posted some suggestions to the question.

"How long will Rocketdyne Fire soot be dangerous."