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Full Version: US native lands for sale... To Canada's Cameco
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...When group members interrupted the scheduled testimony, the three ASLB administrative judges conducting the hearings abandoned the hall and closed a door behind them.

Also vacating their posts were the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) staff and representatives of the Canadian uranium giant Cameco Corp., who were there to present evidence justifying an expansion permit granted to the Crow Butte uranium mine and mill.

...Cameco Corp.’s environmental consultant Bob Lewis, a registered Professional Geologist in Wyoming, attributed the appearance of additional water to flow change created by variations in the formation’s thickness and related transmission properties.
Hydrogeologist David Back, testifying for the NRC staff, noted that some water could have been released from the clay layer above the Basal Chadron test, but no drawdown was observed in the overlying Brule layer, suggesting the production zone is safely confined.
Kreamer argued that data selectively excluded from the test report could suggest the production zone is not in a confined water table as applicants assumed.
He also doubted that the production zone is of a regular consistency, as desired for safe mining. Instead, he maintained, it is made up of diverse components.