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Full Version: Tepco Lies.
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Fukushima tests to help assess cooling of damaged reactors: Tepco

...From January, Tepco will begin to gradually reduce the amount of water being pumped over the melted fuel in reactor No. 2 at the site to half the amount over a week, a company spokesman said.
Then Tepco will resume full pumping, but in March the company will stop all cooling for a seven-hour period to test analytical models which have shown that the reactors will not overheat, he said.
Tepco said it would use the test results to better understand radioactive reactions during an emergency cooling halt. It will also help manage other water issues at the site.
Tepco has for years struggled to control the amount of water in the basements of the damaged reactors.
Groundwater flowing from hills above the plant enters the reactors, where it mixes with highly radioactive debris. The contaminated material is pumped out and treated before being stored in tanks that are quickly filling up. ...