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Full Version: MI_Palisades_Leak
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No threat to public after leak at Palisades nuclear plant |
Updated October 19, 2018 at 3:47 PM; Posted October 19, 2018 at 3:41 PM

" The plant was shut down Saturday, Oct. 13, after radioactive water leaked through a control rod seal, Palisades' Resident Inspector Julie Beottcher said. "
[ So once again we have a leak at an NPS that was not reported via the NRC ENS page.
This should have appeared on the Monday Oct 15 EN page.

[ Palisades is/was scheduled for an RFO to begin on Oct 28, 2018. ]

I noted in the daily reports that Palisades had shutdown when the daily reactor status reports shwed 0 % power on Oct 14.

At first I thought they had shutdown early for the RFO ( last min sched changes are rare but not unheard of ) and had begun recording the unit as being in RFO.

This media report shows that the unit was SD for a leak. Specifically a leak thru a control rod seal.

Iirc leaks thru the control rod seals should qualify as a pressure boundary leakage and therefore be reported thru ENS.  

[ Of course there is no threat to the public per an NRC press release as reported by the article, but there
is no link/citation to the source.

[ The announcement is not on here as of this post. ]

Since I now know that the unit was not in RFO shudown I will change the 2018 Fall RFO Status page.

If the unit is not restarted before the sched RFO start date then we won't be able to accurately track the units state.
According to the article " The leak never reached outside the plant barriers and was held inside the containment area, she [ Palisades' Resident Inspector Julie Beottcher ] said.

What dows this mean ? The containment is contaminated? How will that affect the workers during the RFO?

Also note that the article doesn't provide any info on how uch reactor coolant was leaked nor what the specific activy is.

Mark this as an industry failure to notify and an NRC regulatory failure.