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An A-Z against nuclear power

"Facts are what we believe will change people’s minds. But the idea that bombarding someone with a deluge of irrefutable facts about the dangers of nuclear power will automatically win them to our cause has proven to be an illusion. It doesn’t necessarily work.

We do need facts, of course. And that is where our Handbook — The Case Against Nuclear Power: Facts and Arguments from A-Z — comes in. We must be able to accurately describe why nuclear power is dangerous, uneconomical and unjust. But we must do so in succinct, simple lay language. And then, once the basics are understood, we need to move people. And that is why the Beyond Nuclear International website came to be born, providing a natural home for the Handbook and expanding from facts to compelling narratives.

We have already compiled three Handbook chapters which you can find on the Beyond Nuclear International website under Handbook.  So far, we have published: An Overview that offers simple explanations for every phase of the nuclear fuel chain; Radiation and harm to human health, which lays out the detriments to health of every phase of nuclear power operations; and Climate change and why nuclear power can’t fix it. More chapters are in the works.

At the moment, each chapter is presented as a standalone booklet, available to anyone at no charge to download and reprint. Beyond Nuclear is currently engaged in fundraising for the costs to print these booklets as they urgently need to be distributed to communities living with — or confronting new — nuclear power plants, uranium mines and radioactive waste sites. If you would like to help us print these booklets, please go to the Donate page and choose “Handbook” from the scrolldown menu when making your contribution. And thank you!"
Accidents, waste and weapons: nuclear power isn’t worth the risks This article is part of The Conversation’s worldwide series on the Future of Nuclear. You can read the rest of the series here, and a counterpoint to the views expressed in this article here

Good 'addendum' to Beyond Nuclear's handbook, chock full of energy information to counter nuclear propaganda.