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Full Version: Quarter Inch from Chernobyl!
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13th August 2018 - San Onofre Nuclear Waste Accident Near Miss


While working at the plant in his capacity as a safety professional, Fritch observed first hand a near catastrophe. On 3 August 2018, a 100-ton canister filled with highly radioactive nuclear waste was being “downloaded” into a temporary transport carrier to be moved a few hundred yards from inside the plant to a storage silo buried near the world-famous San Onofre beach. As the thin-walled canister was being lowered into the transport cask, it snagged on a guide ledge four feet from the top. Crane operators were unaware that the canister had stopped descending and the rigging went completely slack, leaving the full weight of the heavy canister perched on that ledge by about a quarter-inch.

Had the ledge not held for the hour or more it took workers to realize and address the error, the thin-walled canister of highly toxic nuclear waste would have fallen 18 feet to the ground below.

A Quarter Inch from Chernobyl


I strongly suggest everyone watch the 5 minute video in this article.
Quote: "A possibility of losing California and then some". (Interview starts around 20 minutes in)

22st August 2018 - San Onofre SOS! Update on Accident Near-Miss w/Donna Gilmore + New Int’l Nuke News Source – Linda Pentz Gunter NH #374 (Radio Interview)


San Onofre Safety‘s Donna Gilmore tells what she tried to say to Southern California Edison at the August 9 Community EnRagement, uh, Engagement Panel when the “experts” shouted her down.  More scary information on how the nuclear industry is playing loose and fast with highly radioactive nuclear reactor waste, as well as Southern California’s future.