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Full Version: Drinking Water Radiation Contamination Locations
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2018 - Australian Drinking Water Map


This site has been put together in the hope of enlightening Australian’s about contaminants in drinking water supplies across the country.

The site is a slowly evolving ‘beast’ and does not claim to be authoritative. However, all of the information contained on the site has been gleaned from various water quality reports published across the country. This information has generally been collected over the past decade and almost all the data presented on the site refer to detections of substances above Australian Drinking Water Quality guideline levels. Almost all of the information has been already published by water authorities.


The yellow markers on the map mark locations with radioactive contamination in drinking water. The Australian drinking water quality situation does not appear to be much better than the USA. Most of the data points on the map are breaches to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Guidelines in Australia are pretty poor when compared to some European countries.