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as of 20180729

Oct 2018    NJ_Oyster_Creek_1 <- coastdown started

Jun 2019    MA_Pilgrim_1
Sep 2019    PA_Three_Mile_Is_1

Apr 2020    NY_Indian_Point_2
May 2020    OH_Davis-Besse_1
Dec 2020    IA_Duane_Arnold_1

Apr 2021    NY_Indian_Point_3
May 2021    PA_Beaver_Valley_1
May 2021    OH_Perry_1
Oct 2021    PA_Beaver_Valley_2

Mar 2022    MI_Palisades_1

Nov 2024     CA_DiabloCanyon_1
Aug 2025     CA_DiabloCanyon_2

[ You can help by using as little grid provided electricity as possible. Install alternative sources where ever possible. ]
[ Keep pressure on elected officials to shutdown nuke/fossil and promote renewable sources. ]
[ Create or join a local OTG club. ]
FirstEnergy Solutions takes next step toward shutting down Davis-Besse nuke plant |


[ some key points from the article ]

FES submitted its certified fuel handler training and retraining program to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
a document required under the NRC’s decommissioning process. It provides details about the training that will be provided to those supervising the removal and on-site storage of fuel from nuclear reactors.

Don Moul, FES president and chief nuclear officer, said. “Our nuclear plants provide important environmental, economic, and fuel-diversity benefits to our region,  but we cannot continue to operate them without state-level policy relief in Ohio and Pennsylvania or immediate and significant market reforms that provide meaningful compensation for the unique attributes nuclear generation provides.”
[ One of the " unique attributes nuclear generation provides ” is the future never ending cleanup, just look at Hanford, St. Louis, West Valley, ( the list of conatminated sites is huge ). ]

FES will continue to seek a way to keep the plants operating while moving forward with deactivation steps.
[ Translation: They will continue to dangle loss of jobs ( generating nuclear poison ) and economic activity and lobby for a bailout. ]  

A final decision on Davis-Besse fate must be made by mid-2019, when FES must either purchase fuel for Davis-Besse’s next refueling or proceed with the shutdown, the company said.
[ This will be a key indicator of progress to actual shutdowm. ]

Efforts for a bailout from the Ohio General Assembly have failed, and no buyers have emerged.
[ This should be a rather obvious hint that no one wants nuclear except the people that profit off it. ]

All four FES nuclear plants [ Davis-Besse, Perry, Beaver Valley ] — as well as many of the nation’s 99 nuclear plants —
can no longer compete against rock-bottom natural gas prices and competition from renewable energy sources.

FES is not legally bound to shut down its plants until it files what’s known as a Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report.
Utilities have two years to file those reports from the date of closure announcements, Prema Chandrathil, NRC spokesman, has said.

[ FES has chosen SafeStor ( basically remove the active fuel to pools/casks and ignore it for 60years ) thereby leaving future generations to clean up the mess. ]