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Full Version: Greenpeace 2x Drones Nuke
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There's a heated debate in twitter about the impact of Greenpeace's droning the EDF facility in Lyon, France.

The assumption by nuclear apologists is that drones pose no risk because the integrity of the structure is so great. But, they are basing their claims on such things as a special made wall that an F4 crashed into to demonstrate the safety of the containment walls and assurances from the nuclear industry itself.


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2. IAEA - Extreme external events inthe design and assessment ofnuclear power plants
3. NRC assesses US nuclear safety during extreme events such as tornadoes and the missile-like projectiles that tornadoes can thrust into facilities.
4. NRC systematically finds that multiple nuclear facilities are not minding security issues regarding "torpedo missiles"
French MPs warn of nuclear power safety 'failings' days after activists crashed a drone into a facility to underscore safety concerns
French nuclear power plants pose a grave security risk
Michael Shellenberger picks up the story and twists it to portray nuclear facilities as immune and/or safe from terrorist attacks. On page 4 of the article,, he cites various attempts by terrorists against nuclear facilities and employees. But, he completely missed the fact that Israel has twice bombed nuclear facilities (Syria & Iraq) and is directly implicated in the killing of multiple Iranian nuclear scientists.

That's truly shoddy journalism, Michael... oh, wait, I forgot - it isn't journalism, it's propaganda!

“Operation Opera”: The Israeli Air Strike on an Iraqi Nuclear Reactor [1981]
Israel admits bombing suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007