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Full Version: CT_Millstone - Help Needed
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While doing some historical research on CT_Millstone, I ran across this.

If anyone reading this can provide assistance to this girl, please, please get in touch with her.



INTERVIEW: Nancy Burton, founder of the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone, on the horrifying history of
Connecticut’s aging Millstone nuclear power station, on the ongoing dangers posed by owner/operator Dominion
Resources’ bottom line approach to safety, and the unreported radiation release that happened during the double-reactor shutdown on May 25, 2014.

From the comments section

trblncolo1 Colorado77 3 years ago
I used to work at Millstone as firewatch. It was a great job, or so I thought.
You were in every nook & cranny in all 3 reactors.
I got "crapped out" and it really messed me up.
I lost my voice for almost a month. I did seek medical attention at L&M hospital.
I have been wondering if my exposure has something to do with my current health problems.
I developed severe allergies shortly after the exposure,  my immune system is shot.
I am growing tumors within my brain and body. I have a brain shunt because of the tumor.
I got rhumatoid and osteo arthritis.
I now have problems with the cartilage in my joints.
My knees have to be replaced.  I'm only 48.
I have tried to get any records of the exposures. Yes I was exposed to high amounts of radiation,  by the reactor head and the fuel rods.
I tried to get anything,  any record. Have been told that it's virtually impossible.
I know one thing, my life is horrible.  Pain is no fun.
If anyone reading this,  if you can help me to get my exposure records and medical records I would be so grateful.
I started firewatch in March of 1995 For the shutdown of unit 2.
I still have my Northeast Utilities badge with the date on it.
You can reach me at:

Thanks for reading this,
Rebecca Edgecomb

Wish I would have found this sooner.

she has a yt channel

It appears she worked there during CT_Millstones nukeliar years.

CT_Millstone_1;2;3 was shutdown on Feb 20, 1996 due to a number of violations.

Unit 1 would never restart, because it cost to much to fix,
unit 2 restarted May 11, 1999 and unit 3 restarted July 1, 1998.


19990928 | CT_Millstone | A Record U.S. Fine at a Connecticut Nuclear Plant |

By MIKE ALLEN SEPT. 28, 1999

The owner of the Millstone Nuclear Power Station in eastern Connecticut admitted today that it had falsified environmental records and deliberately promoted unqualified plant operators. The owner, Northeast Nuclear Energy Company, pleaded guilty to 23 Federal felonies and agreed to pay $10 million in fines, the largest penalty ever for a nuclear plant in this country.

The violations took place from 1994 to 1996.


Dominion Resources purchased the station in 2000, it's history is not much better.

Most recently Dominion tried to get taxpayer funding under the claim they were not profitable. They were shown to be lying and the measure was defeated. ref. The Myth of Necessity - Bailout thread on this site.