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Full Version: WEBCAM April 2018
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Post webcam observations for April here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

TEPCO Cameras

Cameras nearby
Direct network stream  Futabagun

Time Lapse Archives
Fukushima Daiichi
04-02 spark report

04-02 222949 d.bmp
04-02 222952 d end.bmp
04-02 223203 spark pair.bmp
04-02 223259 spark.bmp
04-02 223409 spark.bmp
04-02 223457 spark.bmp
04-02 223851 spark.bmp
04-02 224544 spark.bmp
04-02 224943 spark.bmp
04-02 225249 spark.bmp
04-02 225355 spark.bmp
04-02 225400 c4 spark.bmp
04-02 225459 spark.bmp
04-02 225649 spark.bmp
04-02 225757 d.bmp
04-02 225759 d end.bmp

The last distortion stopped the camera feed, had to recycle the browser. Only a half hour count but I found 11 cam1 sparks, 2 distortions and a cam4 spark.  Cam4 has a steamy look, cam1 is fairly clear and doesn't show emissions.  The tighter zoom on cam1 has reduced the view so we can't see as much on the right side of the screen.  Cam4 shows Felibi's light on the vent tower on solid with no blinking.  If that light is something that blows around in the wind reflecting light, I'd say winds were calm.  The haze on cam4 and the high spark counts indicate to me that something might have acted up in the CSFP.  

04-04 Another grey overcast day and a green daytime spark on r1.  


The next day is clearer and a remote crane moves a load between r2 and r3.  

04-07 Today starts out looking like the last couple days; overcast with some rain/snow and only brief remote crane activity.  Weather may be washing out the radiation cloud over the plant because I've noticed less sparking each night.  Still notice birds flying thru both views, a few single birds but no flocks. I was looking at that last picture showing the remote crane load being moved and I noticed two workers on the roof of r2 at the corner. Today, I'm watching another load being moved by that remote crane.  It's too distant and blocked by vent towers in both views to tell what the load might be.  Boring, routine viewing so I went over to ENENews and saw a suspended account notice.  Not much to post about there.  Found something interesting to read at

The Plans For Fukushima Fuel Removal 2018
Hey Horse! Thanks as always. A good reason to write sth here. is back up.
As well as the Fuk. webcam forum.
But nothing since feb 25, 2018 there. Still it's back. Loads of smiles to you all.

Wait and watch. Right now I'd say sth's going on, right above the middle of the csfp on cam 4 but what? Well, don't mind me.
Not too long ago, I gut-wrenchingly thought I was looking at csfp billowing out smoke. It was just bad weather. Horse and others reassured me. Easily-frightened I am.  How could we remain collected in front of Fukushima Daiichi ongoing catastrophe?
Why would we keep our cool?
Oppressive disinformation machine keeps the masses unaware and unaffected by the true horrors that man-made radiation causes when leaked and dumped into our commons. When I was still in the US I was pretty amped up about it, knowing the extensive reach that Chernobyl had. After living out of country since, my frame of mind is more calm, though I am still very concerned for the welfare of humanity's future and our commons and wildlife. The damages have only just begun, seemingly at an accelerated rate - so much for the 20 year waiting period before cancers show up.
04-14 pm Cam1 had raindrops sticking to the lens all night long, each one dancing with little webs of reflected light.  It was unusual because cam 4 didn't show any webs or weather.  This morning, cam1 still shows raindrops and cam4 just shows a haze in the air.  04-13 had a noticeable spark burst at 21:00.  04-09 22:03, I saw a boat moving between r1 and r2.  The last ten days haven't shown much going on in the cam views, a couple of crane moves, but it looks like Tepco has taken a vacation.  Even the press releases Tepco puts out have decreased.  The decommissioning work continues but it seems to be in slow motion lately.   They must be waiting for another cash infusion.  The costs of this disaster keeps increasing.  

Elibi, I looked up at the monitors, it's 09:32 Cam1 has cleared up.  Cam4 has a cloud of heavy haze over the csfp, just in that area.  Can't easily tell what it is.  It looks very strange.  Still there at 09:47. Gone at 09:53. I'll try to post a pic later.
04-15 09:35:35 to 09:51:30 csfp pictures.  A bird flies thru.  Fades out within a minute and a half.  

That's a lot of stuff apparently ejecting from that reactor. Or, is that ingress?
04-17-2018 I caught a TV program this afternoon on the Science Channel that mentioned one of the strange things that's been seen on the webcams streamed live by TEPCO; the dancing light in water caustics.  
Strange Evidence - Vampire Down Under (Season 1, Episode 10).

Fuku starts at 13:00. Intro shows EQ damage but follows the mainstream view by saying the tsunami flooding caused the meltdowns.  The program shows big webs from 2014; asks, is it alive?  Very sensational.  Then we see robot cameras inside reactors showing flashes aka sparking to demonstrate radiation's known effect on CCD cameras.  It does not mention that the tepcams show some of that same sparking well outside the reactors.  Back to the webs; the effect is explained as raindrops on the lens in the wind but wonders why Fuku tepcams and not other outdoor cams.  It fails to mention that the radiation fallout in the raindrop makes the raindrop stick to the lens far longer than clean rain would to produce those big webs.  The water caustic webs put on a good show for public consumption but the program didn't explain radiation's role in the drama unfolding on the tepcams.
(04-17-2018, 06:13 PM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]That's a lot of stuff apparently ejecting from that reactor. Or, is that ingress?
It's hard to tell if it's just on the lens or something out in the field of view at first glance.  In this instance, I think it's just a water caustic, a bit of dirty water on the lens.  Over the last couple nights I've seen more sparks and a few webs on cam1.  The tighter zoom on cam1 shows more water caustics than it did before.  Cam4 has always showed more of the water caustics in rainy weather because of its tighter zoom.   Be alert though, that area of cam4 has shown emissions before.  I've seen white steam emissions over the csfp and I've seen wisps of black diesel fumes drift by that location on cam4 even as water caustics blurred the view in spots.  Less people are watching the tepcams, we could miss real emissions because of the misleading water caustic blurs.  Don't panic just yet, if there were emissions hiding in the blurring I'd be glad to put up a video clip.
04-15 am raindrops on cam1, some dancing with reflected light.  

04-16 20:00 many sparks for the couple hours I watched.  Started to count but got sidetracked.  

04-18 watching more of the weather or emissions and caught a couple cam1 sparks.  Here’s both camera views.  The first set shows more vapor in the air reflecting light.  Notice the web over r2.  


The second set 45 minutes later shows it clearing some.    

04-19 midnight electric storm on both cameras. Still going on an hour later. Bright Lightning strikes.
Wow! What color!
Lightning on both tepcams should happen at the same time.  The camera timestamps show the 40 second difference.  Just watching, cam1 always showed the strikes 2 seconds before they appeared on cam4.  

04-19 235743 ltng 1.bmp
04-19 235743 ltng 2.bmp
04-19 235823 c4 ltng.bmp
04-19 235834 spark.bmp
04-20 000109 spark.bmp
04-20 000220 spark.bmp
04-20 000420 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 000429 spark.bmp
04-20 000608 d.bmp
04-20 000609 spark.bmp
04-20 000814 spark.bmp
04-20 000815 ltng.bmp
04-20 000856 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 001305 spark.bmp
04-20 001635 ltng.bmp
04-20 001716 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 002110 c4 web.bmp
04-20 002116 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 002117 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 002117 ltng 3 spark.bmp
04-20 002157 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 002157 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 002157 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 002157 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 002158 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 002433 c4 d.bmp
04-20 002434 c4 d end.bmp
04-20 002453 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 002543 ltng.bmp
04-20 002706 ltng.bmp
04-20 002709 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 002915 ltng.bmp
04-20 002956 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 003107 ltng.bmp
04-20 003147 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 003201 ltng.bmp
04-20 003221 c4 web.bmp
04-20 003241 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 003244 spark.bmp
04-20 003455 ltng.bmp
04-20 003536 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 003705 ltng.bmp
04-20 003746 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 003901 ltng.bmp
04-20 004123 ltng.bmp
04-20 004204 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 004324 spark.bmp
04-20 004341 ltng.bmp
04-20 004422 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 004422 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 004422 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 004422 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 004422 c4 ltng 5.bmp
04-20 004423 c4 ltng 6.bmp
04-20 004454 ltng.bmp
04-20 004535 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 004535 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 004535 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 004535 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 004535 c4 ltng 5.bmp
04-20 004616 ltng.bmp
04-20 004656 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 004656 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 004657 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 004657 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 004658 c4 ltng 5.bmp
04-20 004737 ltng.bmp
04-20 004818 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 004818 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 004818 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 004818 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 004819 c4 ltng 5.bmp
04-20 004946 ltng.bmp
04-20 005111 ltng.bmp
04-20 005315 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 005315 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 005316 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 005316 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 005316 c4 ltng 5.bmp
04-20 005316 c4 ltng 6.bmp
04-20 005316 c4 ltng 7.bmp
04-20 005437 c4 ltng.bmp
04-20 005535 ltng.bmp
04-20 005536 ltng.bmp
04-20 005616 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 005617 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 005617 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 005617 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 005617 c4 ltng 5.bmp
04-20 005617 c4 ltng 6.bmp
04-20 005618 c4 ltng 7.bmp
04-20 005620 spark.bmp
04-20 005625 spark double.bmp
04-20 005700 ltng.bmp
04-20 005740 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 005740 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 005740 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 005741 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 005952 ltng.bmp
04-20 010032 c4 ltng 1.bmp
04-20 010032 c4 ltng 2.bmp
04-20 010032 c4 ltng 3.bmp
04-20 010032 c4 ltng 4.bmp
04-20 010033 c4 ltng 5.bmp
04-20 010033 c4 ltng 6.bmp
04-20 010033 c4 ltng 7.bmp

11 cam1 sparks and two distortions in the hour.  

Thumbnail pictures show the lightning strikes, many close enough to white out the view.  


This was my favorite, showing a spark in the dark frame between the lightning frame and the normal lighting frame.  

I noted an increase of sparks after the electric storm.  I noticed two and three sparks in a second a couple times. I found a cam4 spark with a cam1 spark of the same color at close to the same time by the timestamps.  Scanning thru the nights for fancy sparks I noticed that cam1 had shifted. That sent me on a search for when that shift happened.  It looked like wind was making small incremental adjustments that took about twenty minutes to shift the view of cam1.