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Full Version: ANTARCTICA contaminated by US nuclear reactor!
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7th March 2011 - Small-scale US nuclear reactor blamed for spiking cancer rates, casting pall over Russia’s FNPP fetish


A US naval report issued upon its decommissioning (downloadable to the right) indicated the reactor experienced 438 malfunctions – nearly 56 a year – in its operational lifetime, including leaking water surrounding the reactor and hairline cracks in the reactor lining. The emissions of low level waste water where in direct contravention of the Antarctic Treaty, which bans military operations as well as radioactive waste in Antarctica. In one of the more egregious PM-3A incidents, in 1963, the reactor was shut down due to a lack of coolant in the reactor core.

Staff nicknamed reactor ‘nukey poo’ because of frequent radioactive leaks.

One US naval veteran from Ohio, Charles Swinney, died a year ago after a 16-year-battle with cancer. According to his wife Elaine, who lives in Cleveland, Swinney had some 200 tumours when he died.


Another attempted cover up of the effects on staff and the environment by authorities, deny, deny, and keep the legal battles going until the victims are dead, and can't be compensated.