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Full Version: Southern Hemisphere November 2017 Background Report.
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Southern Hemisphere November 2017 Background Report. (32% above Average)

Station locations

[Image: Australian-Map.jpg]

This short animation of Northern and Southern Hemisphere air circulation, shows why we can get detections so far south.


Caloundra November 2017 - The elevated background level increases at the end of November 2017 chart have also coincided with a significant increase in Radon detection in the local atmosphere.

The elevated Radon detections over the last couple of months seems to have been a precursor to the outbreak of a very large earthquake swarm in the Pacific off Eastern Australia.

[Image: November-2017-Eastern-Pacific-Earthquake-Swam.png]

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake at 86km ENE of Tadine, New Caledonia occurred on the 19th November. Zoom in and out on the USGS earthquake map link here to appreciate just how large this swam of earthquakes was, for the month of November.

The recent Radon increases would have been a contributing factor to the November elevated background levels, but not the only factor. (Local live Radon monitoring chart.)

Caloundra November month average, year comparisons.

2017    32% above pre-Fukushima average
2016    32% above pre-Fukushima average
2015    37% above pre-Fukushima average
2014    29% above pre-Fukushima average
2013    30% above pre-Fukushima average
2012    31% above pre-Fukushima average

November day average chart, (What the bar chart colour codes mean.)

[Image: Caloundra-local-average-background-radia...r-2017.jpg]

Year and month average local background radiation levels from 2007 to 2017.

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