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Full Version: Worker Death
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Not sure if it's more than one worker because the report is brief/few details and translator sometimes mistakes words. Also reported today is high rad alarm possibly related to R3 roof cover work.

1 Sept TEPCO Daily:

※ On August 31, a bad physical condition occurred at the side of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Outsourcing Company Building, requesting an ambulance at 3 PM. For those cooperating company workers, deaths were confirmed at the destination hospital at 4:12 PM.

Monitoring post near the site boundary of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (hereinafter referred to as "MP") November 34 at 11:34 on September 1 No. "High alarm" which indicates that the radioactivity concentration has increased occurred in the dust monitor installed near 3. 
The occurrence situation is as follows. 
· Alarm occurrence place Dust monitor near the site boundary (near MP No. 3) 
· Alarm name High alarm (Alarm set value: 1.0 × 10 -5 Bq / cm 3 ) 
· Dust monitor indication value at alarm occurrence 1.3 × 10 -5 Bq / cm 3 
· Wind direction · Wind speed Northern North-west wind, 4.3 m / s (as of 11:30) 
- MP indicated value fluctuation No significant change in dust monitor other than the dust monitor. 
Thereafter, since the indicated value of the dust monitor returned to the normal value (1.0 × 10 -6 Bq / cm 3 ), the alarm returns to 0:00 PM at the afternoon. Along with the occurrence of the alarm, the operation of dismantling the reactor building cover of Unit 1 was suspended at 11:40 am, but because the alarm went back, it resumed at 0:22 pm. When the alarm occurred, installation work such as the cover for removing the reactor building of Unit 3 reactor was completed. 
In the future, collect the filter paper used when the dust monitor "high warning" occurs, and perform nuclide analysis. 
There were no significant fluctuations in the instruction values of continuous dust monitors and monitoring posts in the power station other than the dust monitor, and no abnormality was found for each plant parameter.
JE‏ @Jendo1966 (twitter) informed me that it was "a worker" that died.
The dust monitor high alarm near Unit 3 illustrates the variable radiation exposure possible. A hot particle passes by one sensor, other sensors still report normal. The average would still be considered normal. So much attention is given to external Gamma exposure while little attention is given to the more dangerous Alpha and Beta and internal exposure possible. I notice the variable rate of sparking detected by the tepcams but I see little variation in Tepco provided Gamma readings so I wonder about the sensitivity of the various measuring devices. A radioactive dust speck trapped by filters could be trapped by lungs. The report makes it seem like high alarm warnings are interfering with work schedules.