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Califnative brings up the topic of aliens in the webcam forum.  UFO's are always being reported to be interested in military bases and NPPs and frequently visiting them. Will they be visiting Fukushima?  UFO's as aliens might be a touchy subject because that could get someone or site labeled crazy.  On to history, I'll double down on you, Califnative.  I worked with an archeologist for almost a year helping him organize his pictures of Egyptian sites for a lecture and photo presentation, admired his field work but disagreed with many of his personal findings tailored to mainstream academia.  He specialized in Egyptian hieroglyphics and I added to my knowledge of symbols and language.  I attended many lectures on Egypt learning that mainstream science hates speculation unless they’re the ones doing it.  Here I go a little off-topic with some of my own speculation.

Consider, we went from caves to nuclear in ten thousand years. We could have done it before, maybe even a few times over the millennia.  I think we knew aliens long ago, good and bad ones.  I think our leaders have had recent contact with some of them. Mining history is a real secret, all that gold and uranium needed by primitives to build technology we can't do today. Mined mountains and then pyramids could have been cooking up uranium to produce plutonium, gaining a hundred fold energy efficiency using plutonium as a power source rather than just uranium fission/steam power like we do.  A war was fought, Plato reports Solon saying the Egyptians told him the Greeks won, but had forgotten. Indian vedic texts speak of vimanas and ancient war.  Following the war was a great cataclysm, Atlantis disappeared.  We also refer to that time period as Antediluvian, before the flood.  Nuclear war so upset the balance that the Universe rained rocks and lightning down to restore the earth.  Periodic cometary bombardments have happened and earth suffers more when its magnetic shield is weakened.  Aliens left before the earth was struck.  Human survivors in deep holes, also known as secret bases, carried some technology forward but they don't have much to do with surface dwellers except to take what resources they want.  Just like some of our military plan to survive any war they unleash.  Aliens come back to see what we're up to and take any resources they want, too.  Surface dwellers crawled out of their caves and have forgotten their history and seem to be learning harsh lessons again.  What could we have learned if we knew how to measure background radiation before we started adding more to it?  Mars is said to have had two major nuclear events as recorded in atmospheric xenon isotope readings and radiation scans of the surface.  

So to answer your question Cali, I think there's UFOs piloted by aliens and by antediluvian survivors of a great war/cosmic bombardment and by surface dwellers recently rediscovering ancient technology we once possessed.  A better question might be, are we going to make the same mistakes as before?
Having an education in journalism, I find that the topics of aliens, UFOs and Sumerian mythology requires that we also consider the other side ... in reading Horse's Pyramid Power I was reminded of the books that began with The Chariots of the Gods. So, I googled that to remind me of that tale. When I was young I read those books with great enthusiasm.

But, today I learned that the author had a history in crime. He wrote his second book, Gods from Outer Space, while he was in prison ( That blew my enthusiasm for his premise. Then I found James Oberg's skeptical musings which puts a whole new spin on alien and UFO theory. New to me anyway. Oberg's been debunking alien theory for a long time.

We've been inundated with so much disinformation for so long that it is very difficult to sort out the truth from the fiction.

Do I believe aliens exist and that they jet around in fancy craft? Understanding that the bible was written by men centuries after the alleged life of Jesus, I have to say I am now a great skeptic. Anyone can write anything - the CIA has created a lot of fiction over the years to influence legislation and war events. Knowing that governments use fear as a control mechanism, what a great opportunity to spread fear and confusion - using UFOs and stories of aliens as a cover for an agenda that does not welcome truth-sayers - controlling the masses has always been the goal of the elite.

I think the greater question is not whether aliens exist, but rather, are we still slaves of the elite. I think we are.
(07-22-2017, 08:02 AM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]Understanding that the bible was written by men centuries after the alleged life of Jesus, I have to say I am now a great skeptic. Anyone can write anything - controlling the masses has always been the goal of the elite.
You might enjoy Carotta's theories of the new testament. I think I have links to his works, but another time maybe.  The old testament, well maybe, a layered, coded diary of exiled Egyptian elites and family feuds.  Pharaoh was god to his people, O lord forgive me for doubting your greatness, make me ruler in your stead; yet another rabbit hole for some other time.  

(07-22-2017, 08:02 AM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]I think the greater question is not whether aliens exist, but rather, are we still slaves of the elite. I think we are.
Until we look beyond the narrative, the storyline we've been fed, we will remain slaves.  I can't say I've found truth yet, hard work to question and do some research; for most, believing lies is so much easier.  I wouldn't want to interfere with a person's free will to believe what they want, but I do enjoy exercising my free will when someone asks.
"By reading the overwhelming amount of material Carotta provides to support his thesis, it has to be admitted that he is not skating on thin ice. In my opinion this book presents us with the key answer to many of the mysteries of the expansion of Christianity in the Roman Empire. "  - Paul Cliteur, Ph.D., ( CV , pub .) De Humanist

from Jesus was Caesar .. About the Julian Origin of Christianity - an investigation -

Horse, you are correct - I would like to explore Carotta's investigations some, though it would not be to find confirmation as much as it would be to see the details of that time investigated.
Great Caesar's Ghost, Pia, I think it was St. Paul that made a mess of the Book.  Illius had many followers in the army and the elites wanted their loyalty.  Augustus declared himself god, but the army held to their hero.  The senate had murdered the reformer.  Elites don't give up land and power easily.  Deception was used to turn the man into myth.  A deep rabbit hole indeed.

Fun fact, scrolls were used to store and convey information, JC started using books as they were easier to carry in the field. Followers became known as people of the book.
okay... what archeological evidence is there to support the existence of Jesus Christ "the son of God" ... whose scrolls, what "followers" documented centuries after the alleged life of JC. Big gaping historic record hole for JC. Same gaping record hole for so much of what governments do with tax payer money. Was there really a Paul?
I have found no archeological evidence for a man, Jesus.  Jews have fabricated some evidence but it hasn't held up to scrutiny.  Evidence for St. Paul, well he's buried under the Vatican.  The Roman religion controlled land ownership.  They placed a dedicated stone somewhere, declaring a certain god controlled a circle extending out from the stone.  To own land a person would have to be part of the religion of that god.  Julius offered his men land by accepting them into the religious order of things.  A competing religion, Mithras was spreading into the empire threatening Roman control.  Jewish uprisings also threatened Roman control.  The Jews were an ally of the living Julius.  They were the last ones mourning at his funeral pyre.  They were unsure if their freedom and usury would continue under Augustus.  Julius was declared a god upon his death and his comet was a sign in the heavens.  Augustus goes to great lengths to remove the Flavian dynasty, and be the god-ruler of Rome.  The army was accepting the Mithras religion after Julius was murdered by the senate, The Jews wanted their people to continue following their god Yahweh, The Romans wanted their gods to rule, Zeus, et al.  This sets the stage in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people.  The Romans were very accepting of other gods as long as their gods were revered; as were the Greeks.  The Jews were not accepting of any other gods, they claimed theirs to be the only one.  Mithras was a mystery religion from the east that was gaining popularity among the common people that were disenfranchised from the other three.  Many Latin texts remain telling of Julius’ campaigns in Gaul, his death, and the many funeral rites to honor the man.  A comet seen by the multitudes in the coliseum while mourning his death, Julius’ comet may be the origin of the star of Bethlehem story.  The texts were in Latin.  They were translated into Greek reaching the rest of the world.  The Greek language strips some meaning from the Latin.  The Jews translated the Greek texts of this god story into Hebrew, mistranslating campaigns and persons into god-like healings and transposing Roman place names for Palestinian place names.  Certainly Saul the Roman who had an epiphany on the road to Damascus and became Paul the Jew knew of the Latin texts and saw the connection to the Jewish copy.  A small sect of the Jewish religion advocating more tolerance became the Christian religion with Paul leading the way.  Christianity borrows from and replaces the Mithras religion.  The battle rages down thru centuries until Constantine edits the Hebrew texts into the Bible extant we have today and makes it the state religion of the Roman world.  The mistranslated Hebrew texts are translated back into Latin, the language of the Roman world.  Full circle, there are now two very different Latin versions of the story of the god Julius/Jesus.  Centuries later King James of England authorizes an official English translation.  Julius the man becomes Jesus the god.  Roman Catholic leadership knows this and some popes have admitted as much.
UFOs are everywhere in ancient symbols and stories. A Pharaoh goes out to meet the occupants of a craft that lands near his city.  In the bible, the story of Ezekiel stands out as a UFO contact story.  The web is full of information from Baalbek to the uncovering of Gobekli Tepe some ten thousand years old.  A high civilization existed with monuments we can't create today and for purposes we don't understand.  Mankind's story is older than we know.  I myself have never seen a UFO but I think many have.  Some knowledge of Tesla's work and an increasing understanding of the forces of nature leads to new technologies that can defy gravity and do maneuvers that some unidentified flying craft are reported to be seen doing.  Surface dwellers don't often get to see too much.  Big secrets are right out in the open being kept secret.  The Electro-Magnetic force is much stronger than the Gravitational force.  We live in an Electric Universe and we don't even have a grasp of what the gravity is that we've assumed holds all matter together.  The Nuclear force has given us technology we can't yet control.  Surface dwellers don't know much.
Thanks for the biblical content history. That's exactly why I don't put any credence in it's content. Mistranslated, written by multiple different men with agendas, and compiled over centuries. Even the possibility of a first contact with space dwellers is questionable - it could have been derived from somebody's dreams or hallucinatory experience.

I have read that sightings have occurred over the course of human history, but, again, can the reporting source be trusted?

In the 1970s there was a glowing, softball-like thing flying across the northern sky of Santa Rosa, California, from west to east. I watched it disappear over the hills on the east side. The next day there was a very short bit of news about a UFO seen the evening before, described just as I had seen it.

In the 1990s a frame-like thing was seen flying over the north east side of Petaluma, California. One of the sightings was reported by a policeman. The thing was described as having multiple colored lights, like the strands of Christmas tree lights found in stores during the holiday. It didn't appear to have a fully-solid structure and was more of a combination of frames.

I was at MIT in 2013 for the Climate CoLab contest. During my time there I came across some folks hanging out in a lounge. Two of them were discussing space craft. I told them about the UFO I'd seen in 2011. They asked me to clarify how it moved after I said it appeared to move over the cloud shapes, up and down as if it were following the contours of the clouds. They were excited and said something about the technology using an electro-magnetic force as you note above.

In the past ten years we have seen drones and UAVs publicly shown and discussed in the media - many people have begun using them to document environmental disasters and to show off landscapes for tourism. These flying crafts come in different shapes and sizes.

How do we know that DARPA and other government agencies haven't been building and testing 'UFOs' for decades?

NASA's space programs have resulted in many products that are now found among us surface dwellers.

One thing is certain - as you say - we can't control nuclear. We should never have ventured down that path.
Found this Tom Tomorrow comic strip over at Bo Jacob's fb ... couldn't resist urge to post.