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Full Version: R3 Inspection
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TEPCO Official Photos and Video

Fukushima Unit 3 Containment Inspection Starts With A Surprise multiple photos via おしどり♀マコリーヌ@makomelo in twitter includes:
R3 containment doesn't have much fuel in it, cams aren't sparking, robots not melting. SimplyInfo mentions unreleased muon scans. Do you think they've found some corium?
They didn't find the grate, that's for sure.
Definitely no grate there... and as Horse noted, there aren't all the sparks in the water...looks pretty "quiet" so to speak down there. Be interesting to see how far down they end up going. And, I wonder if an inventory was done of all the debris that got blown out before they shoved that away. R3 was the unit that had the biggest explosion as I recall.
TEPCO R3 Investigation  Press Conference Fukushima video archive 19 July
Fuel Residue Found In Fukushima Unit 3
Today's TEPCO Press Conference - more photos and commentary... there's the grate, Lucas
Robot finds melted core debris... It'll be decades before any actual work to, haha, clean up the radioactive mess at Fukushima.

Video: Robot reveals inside Fukushima nuclear reactor
whatever fuel they found inside containment is only residual. It appears a portion has escaped containment into the reactor building. It will likely quench on the RB floor or basemat.
yeppers.. muon scan revealed no fuel...
Not surprised to see no fuel in containment. Leaving that aside for a moment, the muon scan picture has an area marked spent fuel pool that doesn't show any fuel.
Footage from reactor 3 may force rewrite of Fukushima road map
Pia, I think Tepco only rewrites the story they tell us this month.  There can't be a realistic plan if they don't know where the fuel is.

H/T SimplyInfo
Muon scan for U3 has been published (English) they found NOTHING
TEPCO published images of the muon scans

Tepco pdf showing a simulation with/without fuel and an sfp filled with water compared to the actual muon scan.  My understanding of the muon scan was that dense material like fuel would show as dark.  It's not a real clear outline of the sfp.  I also notice that the pdf says "Inside SFP: Filled with water"  Did the simulation include fuel in the SFP?  The grey scale isn't well defined.  I look at the area above the core area in the pdf and it is less grey than the sfp area but in the actual scan both areas look to be about the same shade of grey.  

Yeppers ,TEPCO presents more of their creative play-report making. Should definitely receive worst corporation of the year award this year. Surprised they haven't won it, yet.

Thank you for the insights!
via @SimplyInfoOrg (twitter) New Fukushima Unit 3 Videos Provide More Clues
(multiple photos/videos at flickr