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Full Version: Pro and Anti Nuke websites
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Many sites around that provide us information on nuclear energy and the many issues that technology has.  What do we know of nuclear physics?  Increasingly we get our information from the internet.  

My biggest beef today is with TEPCO's website.  The English version doesn't have what the Japanese site carries.  I saw a tweet,

JUL 13, 2017 #Japan #PMAbe
#Fukushima Port
#TEPCO repaired the underwater block fence.

[Image: DEo6vdzVoAAp1Ab.jpg]

I went to TEPCO's site to look for more info, four months of contaminated fish might be an interesting post.  Of course, On the English page, I couldn't find it and a search comes up blank.  I'm calling them out for the misinformation they have provided over the years, outright lying with a too late apology, while they downplay the radiologic hazards loosened upon us.  

Wouldn't eat fish, if I'd only known.
Yeppers... I used to visit the Eng version of TEPCO but, after following @uketukeman ( for a while I became frustrated that the Eng version doesn't post near as much as the Japanese version. When they do post something from the Japanese version, it's long after. Sometimes the Eng version posts something the Japanese version hasn't posted. But, I rarely visit the Eng version anymore.