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Post webcam observations for May  here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

TEPCO Cameras

Cameras nearby
Direct network stream  Futabagun

Time Lapse Archives
Another 10 second video of cam1 that shows two sparks blinking in rapid succession.  Seldom see sparks so close together in time; normally see minutes between any two sparks.  The funkiness over r1 is most likely a smudge on the lens because I don't see anything coming out of r1 on cam4.  Maybe the smudge is causing the multiple sparks to show up.  

05-01 021442 spark
05-01 021443 spark

HillbillyHoundDog posted a link on ENE to a possible explanation for the sparks.
April 17, 2017 at 11:13 am • Reply
Camera smashing.

Quote:"Pamela: It’s radiation that is generated when a particle passes through a medium at faster than the speed of light in that medium which is a really interesting thing to wrap your head around. As the particle goes through, at faster than the speed of light in that medium, it causes all of the particles around it, depending on what they’re made of, this is specific to dielectric materials to get aligned, then when they collapse back down to their normal state of chaos they give off photons which are organized and you are able to see the distribution of this color of light and detect it."

The tepcam sparks show the radiation thru the CCD camera medium like oversaturated detectors of Cherenkov radiation.

Quote:Fukushima authorities ask troops for a helping hand to deal with forest fires near crippled nuclear power plant
Fukushima prefecture has asked the Japanese Self-Defense Forces for help in handling forest fires that have swept areas near the crippled Fukushima power plant, local media report. Strong winds are hindering the firefighting efforts, however.

The forest fires broke out near the town of Namie, some seven kilometers from the disabled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, on Saturday evening, Japanese NHK broadcaster reported.
Earlier in April, residents of Namie, as well as those from the village of Iitate and the town of Kawamata's Yamakiya neighborhood, totaling 22,100 people in all, were told they could return home - with the exception of those with houses in so-called no-go zones, where radiation levels are still too high, according to Japanese media.

Forest fires will put the radioactive contamination back up in the air.  I'll bet the few that returned are all choked up with the smoke.
05-01 The nearby forest fire must have caused concern.  I didn’t see any crane movement.  Smoky haze at sunset with a hint of pink.  Caught another cam4 spark and grabbed one of the cam1 sparks.  

05-01 183000 sunset
05-01 202659 c4 spark
05-01 202909 spark
05-04 pm jst  The tepcam views show a slight haze in the air.  Cranes have not moved since the forest fire started; looks more like a Sunday, not the work week.  The government had just told evacuees it was safe to return; now calling for more resources to battle the blaze.  The smoke particles carrying several different radioactive elements mixes into the air and clouds; keep your air filter mask handy to avoid inhalation risk if you live or work in the area.  Noted a steady sparking on cam1.  
19:12 on cam1 lights of an aircraft move across the screen right to left.  Aircraft flying south of the plant coming from the west, inland out to sea and headed north.  Aircraft lights became visible on cam 4 at 19:14 moving right to left heading north.  Another flight followed the same course at 19:24 on cam1 and 19:27 on cam4.  Most activity I’ve seen all week and seeing the aircraft flying around the plant was noteworthy.  The aircraft would have had a good view of the extent of the forest fires near Namie.  Perhaps we'll get an update on conditions there.
Everything appears to be at a standstill.   I can almost hear the quiet.
No birds observed in a while either.
5-6 09:00 Still at a standstill, but heavy smoke on the tepcams. The smoke is pouring in today on both cams. Cam4 filled in first but cam1 is getting bad too.
(05-05-2017, 08:14 PM)Horse Wrote: [ -> ]5-6 09:00 Still at a standstill, but heavy smoke on the tepcams.  The smoke is pouring in today on both cams.  Cam4 filled in first but cam1 is getting bad too.

now 10:15 jst
Smokey looking....
Pinkish too.
That was a thick cloud that passed thru.  Recorders are still going for awhile yet so I don't have a quick pic but Chasaha's 2nd pic shows it starting to clear a bit.  The wind must have shifted for that forest fire smoke cloud to roll thru.  11:30 still very hazy, cloudy skies.
Thanks for posting the pics Chasaha.  Not much point in posting the completely grey smoke out but I thought you might want to see one bird making an escape from the dense smoke.  
Around midnight noticed the csfp area on cam4 looking active, vapor was reflecting more light and I saw a c4 spark.  Went looking for a half hour and found lots of sparks.  The last spark on cam1 was a pair frozen on the screen for 64 frames much like distortions lasting for seconds.  The vapor cleared out of the csfp area on cam4.  Haven’t seen any new updates on the forest fire.  

05-06 235043 spark.bmp
05-06 235105 spark.bmp
05-06 235235 spark.bmp
05-06 235238 spark.bmp
05-06 235520 spark.bmp
05-06 235610 spark.bmp
05-06 235703 spark 1f.bmp
05-06 235938 spark.bmp
05-07 000554 distortion.bmp
05-07 000557 distortion end.bmp
05-07 000741 spark.bmp
05-07 000757 spark.bmp
05-07 000951 spark 3f faint.bmp
05-07 001041 spark.bmp
05-07 001321 spark.bmp
05-07 001322 c4 spark.bmp
05-07 001469 c4 spark.bmp
05-07 001543 spark 64f - 1549.bmp

Pics of the last four sparks
05-07 001321 spark
05-07 001322 c4 spark
05-07 001469 c4 spark
05-07 001543 spark 64f - 1549
Nuclear Particles Caught On Fukushima Live Camera 5-6 2017 | Organic Slant

Kudos to Organic Slant for the spark video.  He caught a couple nice doubles.  The sparks are good evidence that the site is still a radioactive hell hole outside the reactor buildings.  Lately Tepco has been telling the world the site is safe enough that workers don't need protective gear and nearby towns are safe for people to live there again.  The tepcams are still getting oversaturated with radiation filling the night with colorful sparks.  Tepco has lied about every aspect of this disaster.  The sparks are evidence that Tepco continues to lie about radiation levels putting peoples lives at risk.  Radiation effects on life are cumulative; the more exposure, the more damage is done.  Japan is nuclear toast.  Japan has recovered and rebuilt from earthquake and tsunami damage but it can't recover from radiation contamination spread near and far.  The forest fire near Namie is another example of how radiation contamination compounds our difficulty in dealing with natural disasters.  Beyond Nuclear tells the tale.  
Fire near Fukushima nuclear site could spread radiation further
There was a lot of spark activity while the radioactive forest fire burned and unusual activity after the big cloud passed thru.  Now that the fire has spread the radioactive contamination to other areas will the forest fire count towards decontamination of the burned out area?  In press releases it was mentioned that Japan was unable to find any change in radiation levels which surprised me because some increase from the smoke would be expected.  The tepcams are a crude radiation detector but after that cloud of radioactive smoke went thru the spark uptick on both cameras was noticeable.  Recent news is of other forest fires burning.  

Fire in Miyagi forces nearly 400 residents to evacuate

(Update) Wildfires Rage in Northeastern Japan, Forcing Evacuation

05-08 Scanned one hour of the cam1 recording; only 9 sparks, but 5 distortions.   

05-08 230831 spark.bmp
05-08 231043 spark.bmp
05-08 231615 distortion.bmp
05-08 231618 distortion end.bmp
05-08 231933 spark.bmp
05-08 232800 spark.bmp
05-08 232822 spark.bmp
5 sparks, 1 distortion

05-08 233529 distortion 5f.bmp
05-08 233718 spark.bmp
05-08 233824 distortion.bmp
05-08 233827 distortion end.bmp
05-08 234301 spark 3f faint.bmp
05-08 234401 distortion 1f.bmp
05-08 234750 distortion.bmp
05-08 234751 distortion end.bmp
05-08 235016 spark.bmp
05-08 235711 spark.bmp
4 sparks, 4 distortions

05-09  07:00  The remote cranes moved.  Another section was delivered to the construction on r3 at 08:00.  Saw men moving across the top of r3 as the section came in.  Job done, the cranes parked for the rest of the day.  

05-09 075641 crane
05-09 080002 crane - men on r3
Finding only nine sparks in one hour, a low rate of sparking, wasn’t too surprising as radioactive clouds drift by the two camera locations.  Seeing so many distortions in an hour was a surprise.  The cameras acting as detecting devices are showing a range of activity as the forest fire smoke drifts thru.  I noticed some cam4 sparks.

Fire Near Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant Extinguished

05-10 030221 spark.bmp
05-10 030241 spark 1f.bmp
05-10 030259 spark.bmp
05-10 030316 spark.bmp
05-10 030702 spark.bmp
05-10 030713 spark.bmp
05-10 030821 spark faint.bmp
05-10 031528 c4 spark.bmp
05-10 031647 spark.bmp
05-10 031957 spark.bmp
9 cam1 sparks and a cam4 spark

05-10 033005 spark 3f.bmp
05-10 033742 spark.bmp
05-10 034041 spark.bmp
05-10 034308 spark.bmp
05-10 034457 spark.bmp
05-10 034509 spark.bmp
05-10 034618 spark.bmp
05-10 034956 spark 3f.bmp
05-10 035119 spark.bmp
05-10 035407 spark.bmp
05-10 035709 spark.bmp
11 sparks

05-10 030713 spark
05-10 031528 c4 spark

05-12 015816 spark.bmp
05-12 021030 spark.bmp
05-12 021055 distortion.bmp
05-12 021057 distortion end.bmp
05-12 021209 spark 1 pair.bmp
05-12 021209 spark 2.bmp
05-12 021303 c4 spark.bmp
05-12 022125 spark.bmp
5 c1 sparks, a c4 spark and one distortion

05-12 023258 distortion.bmp
05-12 023259 distortion end.bmp
05-12 023332 spark 3f faint.bmp
05-12 023946 spark.bmp
05-12 025127 spark.bmp
05-12 025840 spark.bmp
05-12 025945 spark.bmp
05-12 030038 spark.bmp
6 sparks and one distortion.

05-12 021209 spark 1 pair
05-12 021303 c4 spark

Two days and nights of rain blurring the lens.  

05-15 11:00 Fog clouds both camera views.  A remote crane on cam1 moved to the south side of r1 but disappeared in the fog blanket.  All this rain must have helped put the fires out and maybe wash some of that smoke out of the air before it drifts somewhere else.  

Happy Mother’s day to Mother Earth and Moms everywhere.
Monday 11:23 am jst

Could barely see workers on R3 through the THICK FOG.
Almost looks like steam billowing from the CSFP.  (?)

Low ceiling.

Everything this fog touches after passing through Fukushima will become radioactive.
It's truly, FALLOUT FOG Undecided
Hi, Chasaha, I think its just from the humidity in the air but radioactive particulate assists in the formation of fog so that might make it so THICK. Wouldn't surprise me if the CSFP has vented out sometime during the rains, I haven't had as much time to watch.
Looks like they are taking advantage of this thick fog around 1300pm on 5-15-17.
Saw this object over R3 that moved to the side of R4.
Amazing sparks Horse, brilliant colors. Beautiful yet frightening at the same time.
Hi Califnative, good grab, easy to miss that in the fog.  When I glanced up at the tepcams the fog has become more dense, THICK radioactive FALLOUT FOG so dense I can't see the buildings now.  I saw a bit of webs when it was raining the other night; we aren't getting the big long lasting webs like in the early days but raindrops are sometimes still sticking to the lens even in heavy downpours.  Colorful Cherenkov spark bursts at night on the tepcams whenever another radioactive cloud gets near a camera.  Tepco can say its all safe enough but I don't think workers or refugee returnees will think so as cancers and health problems catch up to them.  The people paying the price in money and health for nuclear technology are not the ones giving orders and receiving the short term gains.  Evening now and some of the fog has lifted.  Pinkish fog at sunset, a little web formed on cam4.  The colors are pretty, the webs are still fascinating.  Cam4 just switched from the daytime filter, less color but the webs stand out better.  Looks like the rains have cleaned cam1's lens, it might not look as bad as it did last week.  19:00 the fog is tinged pink against the blue night sky on cam4 and the webs went away. 19:08 the light colored fog just moved like a breeze had scattered it.  The sparks will be out soon.
(05-14-2017, 10:25 PM)Horse Wrote: [ -> ]Pics
05-12 021209 spark 1 pair
05-12 021303 c4 spark

Undecided These 2 shots seem close enough in time and even color that it could possibly be 'triangulated', so to speak.   Anybody else notice that? 

Wink  From time to time I still look and try to compare the angles.
(05-18-2017, 09:04 AM)Chasaha Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-14-2017, 10:25 PM)Horse Wrote: [ -> ]Pics
05-12 021209 spark 1 pair
05-12 021303 c4 spark

Undecided These 2 shots seem close enough in time and even color that it could possibly be 'triangulated', so to speak.   Anybody else notice that?  

Wink  From time to time I still look and try to compare the angles.

I currently see about a 40 second difference between the tepcams with cam4 about 40 secs after cam1 even when I try restarting both at the same time.  The time on the Futaba cam is in between the two tepcams.  I've been mindful of that 'aerial theory'; when I catch a c4 spark I try to look at cam1's sparks too.  Many times they've been close but more often not close enough.  This time there was 2 rapid-fire sparks on cam1 just a couple frames apart less than a minute before the cam4 spark.  If I had two Geiger counters set up about a kilometer apart and a radioactive cloud passed in between I would expect to see detections close in time but caused by different radioactive particles hitting the detectors.  Cam1 records hundreds of more sparks in an evening than cam4 since the tent covering reactor1 was removed.  Tepco says it’s more radioactive at the north end of the site.  My guess is that r1 is the main source and cam1 is physically very close to that reactor compared to cam4 located much further away from the reactors and getting much fewer radiation detections.  Another thing to consider is that we don't know if the tepcams are the same model or different.  Different models or enclosures might make one a more sensitive detector than the other.  I haven’t been able to calibrate the rate of sparks to a known radiation measurement.  If the forest fire smoke caused the cam4 sparks and the uptick in cam1 sparks that was some smoke I don’t want to inhale.  The problem of triangulating is the small area covered by both cameras.  My suggestion would be to compare crane movement that can be seen on both cams because sight line angles and elevations are deceiving.  When we were catching sparks on the TBS-JNN cam I thought we’d have a good chance of real triangulation and evidence one way or the other but alas, that view is still offline to American viewers.  

05-12 021209 spark 2
Hi Folks,

Just a few pictures before it gets too late. Tepco is messing with my computer only cause my McAfee Secure somehow turned off. It opens MS Word document, puts the tepco webcam link inside then saves it to my desktop, I delete it of course.  Looks like the removed the corner of R1 and made it more open in the back. Suits meandering back and forth behind R1, blurred out the middle between R1 & R2.
After this ugly black sprayer from the crane was used inside R1 they did the automatic inside fog sprayer. Keeps down the floating emission cloud we see at night over R1.
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