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Full Version: Salto Rad Data baseline .10 µSv/h
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It hasn't been on for very long (about half an hour), so the .10 µSv/h is the first data point at start up.

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(03-22-2017, 11:09 AM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]It hasn't been on for very long (about half an hour), so the .10 µSv/h is the first data point at start up.

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Some of the csv record for CPM on 22 March 2017 Salto, Uruguay
Most recent data capture for Salto (downloaded 08:49 on 25 March  2017).
Christian85 (nox) at URADMonitor referred me to a Unix timestamp conversion website to show actual time of data capture of radiation readings: Nice tool.

Opa, spoke too soon... major [attachment=1174]jump back in time using the timestamp in my data table: - This was because a simplecopy paste of the cell data did not capture the full timestamp - this has now been corrected.
First big spike since I set up the Salto Model A rad station 16 March 2017. Thinking it's attributable to solar weather based on Ben Davidson tweet about three hours ago... tomorrow I'll be able to access this morning's CPM data, for now- this graph shows the spike.
Here's the CPM data for yesterday's radiation spike. Note that solar winds increased subsequently.
Spike began at 04/21/2017 @ 7:55am (UTC) Salto, Uruguay 4:55am (timestamp is from
Was this solar wind or something from Argentina?
(04-22-2017, 04:54 AM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]Was this solar wind or something from Argentina?

If it's solar wind other detectors should see spikes as well. Do you live down wide of a nuke plant? Were the winds blowing from Argentina? Hope other detectors are getting solar wind spikes.
yeah... Radu has just made note of my notice and I did post the info in the social forum in community asking if anyone else witnessed such a spike. It'd be awesome if folks in Argentina and other sites in Uruguay were on the program. For the hours of midnight to 6am on the 21st, the wind direction was from WSW and from 6am on it was SSW per
My monitor is set up on the SW corner of the house, outside, where it is exposed to winds coming from the direction of Argentina and from the other direction - further inland in Uruguay (Uruguay has no nukes).

I have to note that the wind on this street does have a tendency to swirl around, so - identifying the exact source (direction) of the wind carrying radiation would be very difficult. These posts give technical information on where Salto is in relationship to Argentina and wind history

"21 April’s graph for my Model A in Salto Uruguay evidenced a big spike and today I downloaded the data for 04/21/2017. Beginning at @ 7:55am (UTC) the CPMs soared.

Was this a precursor to the solar wind rise that hit earth later? Or, did something happen in Argentina with one of their nuclear facilities? Two more screenshots of the CPM data follow in ‘reply.’ The K Index chart is from and the aurora shot (in reply) is from twitter."
Here I pulled up the nullschool interactive wind graphic for 21 April 12:00 UTC (no other time available as far as I can figure) - check those wind patterns for three different pressures starting at 70 hPa.

Surface level wind for same period.