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Post webcam observations for November here.  Observations should start with a date and ‘jst’ time (Japan Standard Time) and camera(s).  Describe as best as possible what you see.  Contribute data such as weather conditions, work activities, TEPCO or local news reports, radiation readings, earthquake activity, or any information that documents events occurring at Daiichi.  Comments and analysis welcome.  Help keep an eye on TEPCO's disaster site.  

TEPCO Cameras

Cameras nearby
Direct network stream  Futabagun

Time Lapse Archives
11-01 am R1 panel removal.  The north panel on the seaside of r1 was removed.  

11-01 062041 panel removal
11-01 062109 panel removal
11-01 062141 panel removal



Pia, I've seen a lot of sparking, too much to count. Counted six sparks in just 5 minutes before dawn, but I had to quit counting to get to the panel removal part. The fallout blows thru Denver with the Jetstream but it settles out at lower altitude and the rads just keep coming.
The spark art turned out looking pretty cool, will probably get to doing more.  The ENEnews forum continues to look sad.  It probably has a new admin.  I saw posts saying it had been sold to a new owner.  I had high hopes when I saw the site upgrade and the return of the webcam forum but progress seems slow.  No new aggregated news articles have been posted in awhile, like maybe prepared articles from the old admin were doled out in the last few months.  It's still online as an archive so it might yet come back to life.  I think I get more views here than I'm getting over there.
11-03 10:50 till 11:30 on cam1 shows a crane tool spraying the exposed metal beams of reactor1.  The spraying would show in the sengoku1904 archive but I notice no new uploads since the end of October.  Three days with no TL archive.  No fresh aggregated news articles at ENEnews.  Gradually, Fukushima has been disappearing in the media and on the internet.  What I thought to be a world changing event has been diminished to an x-ray; a banana; or an Olympic venue.  Just watching the so called decommissioning could make you sick at the slow progress being made to stop the flow of contamination.  Ignore it if you can't fix it even as the oceans die and human health suffers.  Cam1 still shows steam rising and sparks flying all night long.  The spraying is probably washing the structure down for dust suppression.  

11-03 112317 spraying r1
11-03 112442 spraying r1
11-03 112536 spraying r1
11-03 113224 spraying tool




Probably not cockroaches.  Wink

sprayer zoom...
Looks like a Robot I once owned. 
(Note: Made in Japan, even has the crane hook on his head.)

On a serious note:
The continuing global catastrophic destruction of DNA and the insidious ways in which the radioactive contamination will spread worldwide are horrendous.  From stolen jewelry and other items in the no-go zone that get resold, to the 'hot' fish that get consumed or the fish parts that get mixed into fertilizer.    From the gazillion bags of topsoil that have no place to go, to the daily accumulation that moves with the wind and water is unimaginable.   

"A major Nuclear accident occurs on average every 7 years..."
- Arnie Gundersen
(11-03-2016, 01:54 PM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]yeppers, it's been obvious that entering the no-go zone wouldn't be too difficult and deserted belongings are serious attractions for those with no care.... stealing hot radioactive items to sell on the blackmarket is a serious issue that I haven't seen any news on. Bet JGov doesn't give a darn. Buyers beware.

I noticed this article the other day.  Some good personal insights.  What a nightmare.  

"On one trip, I entered a garment store where some of the forms lay cast down. The rest were still standing, eerie silhouettes of headless, legless, armless women; a vacuum cleaner had fallen over on its side...."

"In the city center, the streetlights glowed even in the middle of the day, probably to deter theft, of which there was, apparently, a great deal. Over the whole of Tomioka rang an amplified recorded voice, evidently a young woman’s, but distorted and metallic. She reminded the workers not to spread radioactivity; they should dispose of their protective gear at the screening place on their way home. She said, “If you incinerate something or use incense, be careful not to start a fire,” and she warned the former inhabitants, crackling, “For temporary housing people, make sure to kill the breaker before you leave, and lock the door to prevent thieves.”
- Harper's Mag Article  March 2015  (page 8)

Invisible and Insidious
Living at the edge of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster
By William T. Vollmann
Living at the edge of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster

IMO - It's no longer just selling stolen property, it's a murderous crime against humanity. Angry 

It's funny how at 3:45 in on this video it's says almost the same words as above with a couple of things left out.  The village they're in is Tomioka.

When tidbits get left out it can make a big difference.
Get your rad hot souvenir from Fukushima before the Olympic games start, the price keeps going up.
11-04 06:14   The south panel on the east face of unit1 was lifted away. I grabbed a clip from a flyby video to show the rubble pile on the inside of unit1.  

11-04 061432 panel removal
11-04 061444 panel removal
11-04 061500 panel removal
R1 rubble pile - deleted



(11-04-2016, 12:42 PM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]In twitter, Fredi teres asks:
"Where is Fukushima spent fuel pool in Reactor 1? I can't see it in the pic."
And, I should have asked earlier, the source of the flyby that you got that screenshot from is where?

Was afraid you'd ask, but I don't remember what video the grab came from, date stamp on that grab was 10-5-2015.  I think the watermark on the picture is gettyimages. I was looking for fancy spark pics, going thru archived files from my previous laptop when I found it.  The flyby video, probably summer or fall of 2015,  was shot in the morning; the sunlit portion would be the north side of r1.  Don't know where the sfp is, would look on cryptome or enformable for a diagram of that reactor.  The grab didn't really show that much except the roof and debris that fell inside covering everything.  I've tried to get better at documenting sources but I've grabbed pics for myself that I didn't know I would later want to post.  With the r1 grab was an older grab of a flyover of r3 mostly cleared of debris that I never got around to posting.  If posting some of these unsourced grabs violates some copyright law I'll remove them from the post.
Fredi Teres tweets link to FD’s post: Tepco released photos of Reactor 1 / Fuel handling machine barely hung just above SFP
Thanks Fredi; that was the other photo I was going to have to go looking for, wondering what’s left inside of r1.   The spent fuel pools seem to be the biggest problem; one of those collapses or just gets some big chunk of debris dropped in and burns could create a fuel melt larger than the one hiding under the reactor.
Ok, its gone. Would like to know though if it was because I couldn't cite the video I took the grab from or because we aren't supposed to grab from published videos?
I am glad this was a cloud bank and not a giant tsunami.

Sunrise Fukushima 2016/11/07  
(11-05-2016, 06:24 AM)piajensen Wrote: [ -> ]Getty Images: Destroyed nuclear reactor building exposed at Fukushima plant

Pia, the link showed me a small photo taken this year.  There’s probably more recent flyby footage worth looking for to peer inside what’s left of unit 1.   16 of 18 panels removed.  The last two must be the bottom skirt on the south side.   $575 keeps most people from getting a real good look.  I’ll avoid posting any old grabs with that watermark again.
Quote:Credit: Kyodo News / Contributor
Editorial #: 621068884
Collection: Kyodo News
Photo taken from a Kyodo News airplane on Nov. 4, 2016, shows the destroyed No. 1 reactor building at the disaster-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, after the removal of 16 of 18 panels covering the building. Tokyo Electric Power Co. plans to dismantle the remaining two panels the following week to complete the panel removal work that started in July 2015 as part of decommissioning the plant. (Photo by Kyodo News via Getty Images)
November 04, 2016

No new uploads at sengoku1904 TL archive means the public can no longer look back at anything that might happen at Daiich.   Only thing left is watching Flowplayer on TEPCO’s website to see the tepcams.  There is that tight control of the information, presentation, and delivery.  I think it most discouraging.
The spent fuel pool hiding under the crushing weight of debris in Unit 1 has to be cleared without disturbing the contents.  Fukushima Diary's official TEPCO picture showed a low overhang of debris.  The bird's eye views shows the scale of the debris field.  The public doesn't get to see much of the video and pictures TEPCO has collected.  I would hope emergency responders, waste and hazmat experts would get access to the full data.  There was r4 sfp that leaked and leaned and caught on fire; all cleaned out in a year so they say.  R3's sfp had a fuel handling crane dropped on it in the years of debris removal.  They removed it last summer amid thick Fuku fog.  Still waiting for the new fuel handling crane.  R1's sfp presents much the same problems as R3's did but in an area of higher radiation levels.  Please excuse our radioactive dust during the decommissioning.  If anything does go sideways who would notice?  Things went sideways fast when the three reactor fuel cores melted and nations still risk running those machines to produce electricity.
Fukushima - The Politics of Nuclear Scientists

It's not bad politicians, it's a bad public. (paraphrased - George Carlin)

"The culture of the world has become complacent with regard to these sorts of science based threats."

"What I believe Fukushima will do... is to cause everyone to start questioning scientists... to start questioning experts. ...and to start questioning the way in which we see the world in terms of truth that's handed down by experts."
- Dr. Christopher Busby. Aug 2011

Heart   I keep hopin' and prayin' and wishin' and thinkin' people will become aware of this multi-generational, mega-scam of Nuclear Power's DNA Destroying Death Machines.   But it hasn't yet.
Purplish reflective glow  spot Confused
11-10 am I saw the panel removal tool on the crane and thought they might be removing another panel. I couldn’t go to the TL to get a quick view so I slogged thru the recording. They were only moving a panel from the area in front of r1 off to the dockside.  Found a couple sparks to throw in and a bright pink picture of dawn showing the panel tool and a bird flying thru.  

11-10 052145 spark
11-10 055637 bird 1
11-10 060845 panel
11-10 061601 spark 3f




I don't have a facebook account so I can't see the video TEPCO posted.  Look at the view TEPCO has compared to the tepcam screen grabs we can get.  Last panel removed.  


Thanks Pia, it's a view we don't often get.  Do the insert a video.

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